Rick Keene Music Scene – Year in Review; Top Ten 2020 Interviews

Writing music is a gift. Buying music – the best present !

It was an interesting year with most of it void of touring musicians. The amount of interview / concert possibilities were slimmer than previous years.

Nevertheless, music did go on even if the music industry was the most effected by the Government decisions. A lot of artists did release music and below is a list of the Top Ten musicians I have interviewed in no particular order. Happy New Year!

  • 10. David Clayton Thomas – The former lead singer of Blood Sweat and Tears released a new album and it is filled with both personal and political statements. From jail to Rock stardom and rubbing elbows with everyone from The Band to Neil Young; Clayton -Thomas is music history. Listen to the full interview here
  • 9. Murray McLauchlan – A Canadian legend who has been nominated for and won more Junos than most could imagine. A new album with racism a reflective point; my chat with Murray was like sitting on a porch with your grandfather playing a guitar. Listen to the interview here.
  • 3. John Oates – One half of the most successful songwriting duo in history ( Hall and Oates), chatted about the duo’s history as well as his new project with The Good Road Band. Please listen here.
  • 4. J.C Maillard – J.C is one of the most respected musicians, arrangers and composers on the circuit today. The leader of Grand Baton ( fronted by former Stones’ back up singer Lisa Fischer) speaks of his commitment to music as well as his first solo record. Please listen here.
  • 5. George Thorogood – ‘Lonesome George’ took time out a couple of times in 2020 to chat. His list of songs that influenced him and the artists that sang them was priceless and a must listen to any music fan. Check out George here.
  • 6. Kathy Valentine – The bass player from The Go-Gos delivers some insight into the content of her new book. A woman who was part of musical history delivers a history lesson. Enjoy the chat here.
  • 7. Lawrence Gowan – It’s always interesting and fun when a ‘strange animal’ stops by. Lawrence, Larry or Gowan is always entertaining and this time – his tales about meeting Neil Peart and Eddie Van Halen are insightful as ever. Listen here to that talk.
  • 8. Howard Gladstone – A wonderful story of a man doing what is true to him and doing it extremely well. A must listen !
  • 9. Peter Rowe – A filmmaker, a story teller and the author of the music book of the year. Peter digs deep into history and discovers the musicians who fought the law or vice versa? Educate yourself here .
  • 10. Johnny Dee Honeymoon Suite are Canadian Rock legends and are in the process of completing a new album paused by Govt decisions related to Covid. Johnny’s insightful humor is a breath of fresh air in these days of doom and gloom. Please listen here.

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Please have a listen below to ten songs from ten of the best CD releases in 2020.

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Year in Review; Top Ten 2020 CD Releases

Writing music is a gift. Buying music – the best present !

To say 2020 was an interesting year – all you need to do is see the 2020 calendar next to the definition of interesting in the dictionary. The world has seen worse yet the repercussions from govt decisions will not be seen for a few years. The jury is still out on just how interesting 2020 will be.

Nevertheless, music did go on even if it was the most effected industry on the planet. Add the restaurants and clubs as a close second to almost total decimation – a miracle that music managed to keep everyone sane.

The government decisions regarding Covid seem to be pushing the world into a society living in a box. In the past few years via streaming services (video and audio), music was already pushed in that direction. With more and more ‘live’ clubs shutting their doors before Covid – the touring musician was already in trouble. No live shows – no selling of merchandise. CDs sold at concerts were the bread and butter for professional musicians. They do not make enough money to survive and create from streaming services.

There is a lot of great music wonderfully being created each day around the world. Rick Keene Music Scene is one place you can hear the creativity and podcasts are also the place to explore. If you want to learn and grow as a music fan – mainstream radio is the last place that should enter your brain. Corporations placing their product into the conscience and subconsciousness of the world. Shawn Mendes may as well be the new Ford Escort. The marketing is the same via radio, tv and film. Repeating someone is the best over and over – they become ‘the best’ much to the chagrin of the thousand musicians who are better.

Photo by Jorge Fakhouri Filho

Please have a listen below to ten songs from ten of the best CD releases in 2020.

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