Trois Rivieres En Blues – From Local Star Justin Saladino to Colin James and Steppenwolf, This Festival is a Must Hear !






The Blues are a community …


Following a brief hiatus – Trois Rivieres en Blues is back once more for it’s eight session in it’s current format.

Justin Saladino

Local Montreal stars such as Angel Forrest, Pat Loiselle and Justin Saladino will grace the stages along with Trois Rivieres-boy-done-good; Mr. Steve Hill.

Please listen below as the artistic director for the Festival Brian Slack speaks of all things Blues and discloses this year’s headliner.

Victor Wainright
Victor Wainright

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Victor Wainright – Puttin’ The Boogie Woogie Piano Back into the Mainstream

Ian Stewart, the ‘sixth’ member of the Rolling Stones, was one of the great Boogie Woogie piano players of all time.

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Unfortunately, like most great piano players in Rock n Roll, Blues and R and B, most ‘music fans’ do not know his name.

Johnnie Johnston? Who?

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Victor Wainright is attempting to change the landscape of the Blues and R and B scene to ensure that Boogie Woogie continues it’s honorable legacy. Wainright is not on a quest, he is just doing what comes natural and – guess what?

People love it !

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Please listen below to my interview with Victor as he tours Quebec. Listen to some tracks from his new album ‘Boom Town’.

Ian Stewart and Johnnie Johnston would be proud …


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