Rick Keene Music Scene – What is Happening in Montreal?

Lots of stuff to do.

Downtown may be where the fun is but everywhere is where the music plays.

Say what?

Please listen below to some tunes from some of the shows coming up and also hear some brand new tunes for the first time on Rick Keene Music Scene.com

What’s Happening in Montreal?

As usual – a lot happening in Montreal !


Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country and Pop. 


Jon Anderson, Justin Bieber, Florence and The Machine and a fundraiser for The West Island Palliative care. Just a few of the things coming !


Please listen below to some great tunes and some acts that are playing in Montreal !

Learn how to buy tickets as well!



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What’s Happening on Rick Keene Music Scene

Lots coming up …


sceen card


Have a listen to some of the artists I will be interviewing as well as some shows coming to Montreal

Talk soon …


*Apologies Styx is touring with Def Leppard not Journey. My mistake.


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