Jackson with a Capital X

Right off the bat – any preconceived ideas about Jackson X wanting to knock Justin Bieber off his perch as Canada’s and the world’s number one young male singer are unwarranted.


” I love what he does and I have a lot of respect for him.” Says Jackson X from his home in Oshawa. ” I think it is cool how he teaches young kids to love music. Six year olds will grow up performing and passing it along. It is so cool …!”

Not far removed from being a six year old himself – the fourteen year old is on the brink of a singing career which may place him as Canada’s next Bieber.

According to Jackson’s father, James Begley – the biggest surprise is who Jackson’s fanbase are …

” My son is a cute kid and I figured he would have a lot of young girls following him on Facebook. Funny – it is his peer group, the fourteen and fifteen year old boys who are diggin’ it. They send messages to Jackson telling him how cool his stuff is.”


Begley is taking notice.

Jackson’s dad just happens to own the record company his song belongs to. Maximillion records was started a few months ago and Begley’s only priority is to sign young artists within the same age bracket as his son and who posess talent.

“I get a lot of calls everyday.” Says Begley. “Unfortunately I have not signed anyone yet but I do try to encourage the young artists who apply.”

Begley Sr. is an Elvis impersonator. A job which enables him to take care of his responsibilities as father of Jackson and a younger son who suffers from autism. A condition which makes Jackson smile for the right reason.


“When we are in the car and two of my songs play ( Random Love and She Don’t Feel Me Anymore), my younger brother dances in his seat. It makes him so happy!”

Ironically, it was also in the car where Begley Sr. Iearned of Jackson’s ability to sing.

“Jackson came with me to gigs and one day we were driving home and he started to sing. He was about five years old and I thought ‘he has perfect pitch’.”

Jackson and his father started performing together and now it is a full time job promoting his young son. Dad owns the record company, manages, co- writes and performs with his son on all six tracks available for digital download on ITunes. Not that Jackson requires help in songwriting or playing. The teenager has written about one hundred songs and he can also play all instruments.


Jackson’s influences range from Muse to the Black Keys. Influences which can be found on two of his first six songs released to the public. ‘Random Love’ and ‘She Don’t Feel me Anymore’.

‘Random Love is currently in rotation with six radio stations across Canada. A tune which conjurs up sounds of a Lady Gaga song although Jackson believes its all Muse. ‘She Don’t Feel me Anymore’ is a retro – eighties sound a la Black Keys. A catchy tune with a catchier chorus.

James parlays his experience on to his son. Begley started playing drums in high school and was into a thriving punk scene in Oshawa in the eighties. Begley is in awe of his prolific songwriting son.

“Jackson has written so many songs.”States Begley. ” His strongpoint is writing scores and soundtracks. He has a real feel for that type of thing.”

The father – son pairing are finishing the recording of three new tracks and along with the six already finished, the duo are in a hurry to complete the first cd. Something Begley is convinced will put his son on the map.


In the meantime, the pair have a gig Saturday night as Elvis’ impersonators young and old. Jackson also does a great Richie Valens according to Dad.

That is when he is not
trying to be the next Justin Bieber …

Listen to Jackson X Here!


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