One Road Keeps on Riding …

Mike and Tracy of the band One Road, are two guys who will not quit. Why should they …?


They waited seventeen years to put out their dream album. It is a fantastic album backed with great videos. It’s not easy for the two – considering their music is caught in between.

In between what? Right in the middle of genres …

Their music is considered ‘country’ by rock radio. Somewhat funny because – the same stations play Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Tracy and Mike do not consider themselves in the same breaths as these acclaimed artists. They do not ( admittedly) come close. They do not however understand the dilemma  …

Country music in Quebec, as far as air play goes – relatively non – existent. In order for them to get airplay, the two men along with their friends have worked painstakingly hard to get noticed. Harder then they should have to.

“Right now – we are playing on 126 stations.” Says Tracy.” We have received ( as far as we know) 7,709 spins. It has taken a lot of phone calls all over Canada and the States to get noticed and right now we are considering hiring a publicist to make our lives easier …”

One Road are having fun. They have filmed two videos so far and are about to start their third. A new album is also in the works and these guys are very fan – friendly …

They always have contests going.

Like the new one. Jamaica anyone …?

That is where you may end up if you win the $3.000  gift certificate!

Buy their album from their site,  iTunes or at participating Harley Davidson dealer. Buy from the site –  send them a proof of purchase via email to    Forward your confirmation of purchase email from iTunes or pay-pal.  At the Harley dealer fill out the card and you are automatically entered into the contest.  It runs from March 1st and ends May 1st.  All entries must be received no later than May 1st.

The winner will be announced on their show ” at the bar”  on May 15th 2013.  for contest details and rules visit their website at.

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