Martha Wainwright; In her Own Words


Thursday night at Robin des Bois on St.Laurent blvd – Martha Wainwright met the press. Or did the press meet her …?

Wainwright, daughter of the legendary Kate McGarrigle and sister of Rufus, performed five of the ten songs which she has added to the soundtrack of the French television show Trauma. Five tunes carefully chosen from Wainwright’s heart. Five songs and ten in total – all which will be available on Itunes, regardless if they are featured on the show. A compilation album will also be released.

Fresh from a mini – tour of Europe, including a stint in Ireland, Wainright’s music – including the songs off her successful album; Come Home to Mama – are genuine.

” I have been received with so much enthusiasm ” Says Martha previous to her set. A five song interpretation of both her own and some of Quebec’s biggest stars’ compositions.

” I was not sure what to expect going over there and I am very happy for the reception I received.” Adds Wainwright.


According to Aunt Anna ( Kate’s sister ), both Rufus and Martha are very nervous people when it comes to performing.

“It’s funny.” She admits. ” They are both extremely talented yet they are both the last people who seem to understand that.” She continues. “Rufus, more than Martha, comes across as a very secure and self – confident performer. Nothing can be further from the truth in his ( and their ) mind.”


McGarrigle accompanied her niece ( as she does often ) on piano. The audience? Stars and producers from the show Trauma and various television people. Also included, one very happy contest winner who got to spend some time with Martha.

Ayoye, En Rappel; Cette Vie, Si Dieu Existe, J’Interioriserai and Dans La Silence. Five tunes. Cinq chansons. Sung with a soul that only a Mother could coo like a dove on the shores of Dover … Pure as the feathers that fall into the sea.

The songs will be part of Trauma’s upcoming fourth season. A show which is gaining popularity as a very profound drama. Add Wainwright’s profound delivery and carefully chosen repertoire – a sure bet for songs like Offenbach’s Ayoye to regain a new generation of fans. Although – some Francophones not happy with Wainwright, a Montrealer – an English singer, performing an interpretation of Gerry Boulet’s sacred tune.


John McGale, one of Gerry’s right hand men in Offenbach has not heard it yet Breen Leboeuf, the group’s bassist, seemed relatively pleased by the end result.


Everyone, including Francophones, meet Martha Wainwright …

A graduate of what is now known as College Laurier.

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