The Virgins Concert Review; Too Much Attitude!

The Virgins

For a while – it all seemed dicey …


The Virgins. an American band who just happened to open up for Iggy and The Stooges ( once upon a time ) – seemed destined to not draw any attention late Sunday night.  A half hour before the show, a crowd of less than capacity did not fill Club Soda. As the band took their place, an onslaught took place.

On and off the stage …

When one thinks of Jazz, the writers of songs such as Rich Kids do not come to mind. The quartet – a blend of Punk, Blues and Alternative may have paid the price for doing what they do AT A JAZZ FESTIVAL. Thankfully, by the time the band took to the stage, the venue filled up – somewhat.

It was time to play …

aaaaaLead vocalist Donald Cumming is not one for banter. Let’s get that straight. In his own words; ‘I go into my own little world up there’. What a strange world it is …

Hot of the heels of their new disc; ‘Strike Gently’, an album released on Cult Records and produced by The Strokes’ front man Julian Casablancas – the band took the stage and commenced a foray into everything that has been heard before yet with a different spin.

‘Venus in Chains’ – the first single from the new disc, pulled off with an innocence of the days of The Beatles. An original boy band sound. Something which Cumming is proud of as he set out to do a pure Rock n Roll record.

” I am happy with the record. It is songs that I wanted to do which I was unable to do with my old record company. It is simple rock sounds and I think I have grown as a songwriter. Julian allowed me to do that on this disc. I am grateful.”

‘Venus in Chains’ is that type of song. A harmonious chorus set the crowd’s acccsmiles in complete unison with the rhythm of their feet. No angry guitar riffs, no biting heads off bats. Just a song along the lines of Lou Reed’s happiest moments. A combination of The Velvet Underground meet the ‘Oneders’ from the Tom Hanks’ movie; ‘That thing You Do’. A great experience for anyone in the crowd.

“Private Affair”, a song which was the group’s first single from their debut album in 2008 – toted for the predominant late – teen – early 20’s crowd at Club Soda. That song – along with a slew of hits introduced mainly via television and movies;  (Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries), songs such as ‘ One Week of Danger’, ‘Rich Girls’, ‘Fernando Pando’,’ Love is Colder Than Death’ – became a soundtrack for the evening. No one will accuse The Virgins of being a Led Zeppelin – wannabe. Their niche is the internet -raised, health conscience, world -weary ( in their minds) teen travelers which make up the suburbs.  A feeling throughout the club was watching a band appear via MTV. Not -so-much live.

That is not taking anything away from the group at all. Musically …

Guitarist Xan Aird , Max Kamins (bass) and John Eatherly (drums) – along with Donald on guitar and vocals are talented. Xan especially delivering almost monumental solos. A tight unit yet too much within themselves.

Aird – ‘Hair Today’ gone tomorrow?

Aird – completely lost within his hair as is bassist Kamins. The pair may as well been playing in their basement while a record skips nearby. No crowd interaction at all – not even a smile. Sadly, this takes away from the experience and delivers an image of pirates looting from the audience. A CD playing in the background is more exciting. Drummer Eatherly, the only member who appears to be involved in the concert. On time and on cue. A delight to watch and listen to.

The Virgins ( in their defense) just arrived from Germany the day of the show and are on the heels of a long tour. Montreal being near the end.  An excuse? Not really …

The Rolling Stones’ average age is sixty-nine. Their shows?

Never dicey …




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