One Road; Impeccable …

Sometimes, people miss the point.

This is exactly what is happening with Montreal’s English radio stations and the band One Road.

Aside from k103.7fm, lead singer and co – writer Tracy’s band does not get the recognition they deserve or warrant. If passion, talent and artistry bordering on a cross between country, blues and rock does not get you noticed in your hometown – the local media should be ashamed …

One hour spent watching and listening Saturday night to One Road at Le Pionnier – left nobody in attendance ashamed of anything.

Complete with lasers and lights straight from a concert at the Montreal Forum circa 1978 – One Road set the night on fire! The energy emitted; akin to a man shot from a cannon at speeds common to very few of the local bands in circulation right now.

Original tunes such as the forceful and ear – catching ‘End of the Road’ – giving undeniable proof the end of the road is far away for the band. Led by Mike Pistilli’s menacing guitar riffs and Tracy’s smoke – hardened raspy vocals, the duo’s experience of twenty years together, an undeniable dish at a posh musical dinner …

The dance floor, the indication and focal point of fun at any outing or venue – never empty on Saturday night.

The band combining ballads soft as a feather with rockers as high octane as race car fuel. ‘Ride On’ – the title track off the group’s. highly sucessful cd, somehow combining both elements in a whistful moment of reflection.

Rock n Roll is edgy. Rock music was derived from genres including Country music. Some of the most successful bands in rock – commercially and artistically, combined rock and country to embed their sound into music history. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles,  Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers and The Grateful Dead to name a few …

Songs such as ‘Dead Flowers’, The Ballad of John and Yoko’, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, ‘Whippin’Post’ and ‘Touch of Grey’ – all get airplay on English music radio in Montreal. One Road delivers the same fundamental sound with the exact passion and are local talent consisting of a fanbase raised on English radio in Montreal.

Sometimes, people miss the point.

Sometimes – people miss the spirit of rock in Montreal.

2 thoughts on “One Road; Impeccable …”

  1. The songs are hypnotic, and as a Montrealer, I agree. They should be recognized in their own town. We should be promoting them beyond to bigger and better. Make noise everyone, with as much heart and energy as Mike and Tracy use to play their music! They’ll get there. 🙂

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