Top Ten All Time Grammy Moments!

Another year – another Grammy Award show …

Ho – hum.

But wait! There have been some great moments over the years in music’s equivalent of the Oscars. Not many yet enough to compile a Top Ten List …

Without further ado, here is that list which has been sealed in a milk carton on Quincy Jones’ porch since eight o’clock AM on Saturday the 14th of May 1992.

10. Johnny Cash and Bob Marley singing a tribute to Lawrence Welk while sitting in tiny plastic bubbles.

9. Micheal Jackson sitting on Bubbles while singing a medley of Cash and Marley’s tunes …

8. Richard Harris serenading Betty Crocker in the rain while eating cake.

7. Milli Vanilli’s outstanding vocals on a vignette featuring Marcel Marceau acting out the stars of the British Invasion.

6. Ozzy Osbourne caught on television wandering incoherently down the aisles looking for his seat …

5. John Denver and Bob Denver singing the theme to Gilligan’s Island in a hilarious attempt to revitalize both star’s careers!

4. Don Ho and Wayne Newton’s homage to Las Vegas while the extras from Elvis movies took center stage in a tear – jerking, show –  stopping moment.

3. Jack Pallance doing one – armed push-ups on Willie Nelson’s hat!

2. Bob Dylan accepting an award for ‘Best Spoken Word While Wearing a Hat Gospel Album’.

1. Cher taking the stage in error – later explaining she misheard the *winner’s name over the P.A system.( *The Red Hot Chili Peppers later forgave her).

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