Tragically …. Hip in Montreal. Concert Review

Tragically Hip Montreal Concert Review 2015,

If a person was ‘locked in the trunk of a car’ last night – they missed a solid rock show; nothing more – nothing less …


It has been a while since The Tragically Hip were ‘ hip ‘ as far as ‘ skip – school – buy- tickets – smoke- a – joint – scream / sing – a – long’ goes. Twenty – two years since the album Fully Completely was released. Twenty two years plus twenty more ?  Explains all the ‘forty somethings’ in the crowd. Explains the age of the guys on stage …

Explains a lot.

Gord Downie – he of theatrical proportions, grasped the moment from the beginning of the night and ( like most good front men) never let go. The fans in attendance, as loyal vocally to Downie as Downie is to vocals. Rock n Roll (English Canada 101) grabs the primal instincts and demands a beer. A cheap beer in a dirty glass.


The Hip reminded everyone that sometimes out of sight – out a mind ( new material – wise), can be a good thing. Hier soir, au Centre Bell, the group from Kingston,Ontario retained whatever Rock crown they held. Once upon a time the tunes, for some, were coming – of – age. The songs now are ageless.  Betty White, somewhere is smiling.

Face it – The Tragically Hip are a bar band who acquired bigger gigs as the years passed quicker than a shard of glass through a chain link fence. This type of music does not fade. This genre of ‘ Canadiana’ – a mixture of grunge with ‘ a little bit Country ‘, rests forever upon a shelf in a small town shed. Dusted off and played. Dusted off yet never covered in dirt.
Not yet …

This tour sees the group recreating their landmark album; Fully Completely.  A disc required in every Canadian’s collection. Filed between Rush and Neil Young with a lean towards the latter. It was evident – most of the Bell Center crowd shopped at Discus and last night, they heard a live studio version of that Discus purchase. Completely and fully. Note for note.

There were other gems tossed in last night and Downie, Sinclair, Fay, Baker and Langois were in fine form during the ‘ The Hundredth Meridian’ , ‘New Orleans is Sinking’, ‘Fully Completely’ and ‘ Eldorado’. Those four songs along with ‘ Blow at High Dough’ – worth the price of admission. Worth the price of frostbite.

Any complaints were placed in the age department yet hardly worth a mention. Downie at times appeared out of synch yet Downie ‘s career was built on idiosyncratic behavior so an unplanned rehearsal ‘ live’ , not unfounded. Chances are – the show,  more incomplete than soundcheck.


The Tragically Hip sound was borrowed highly from the original punks of Rock n Roll.
The sounds of The Animals, The Kinks, The Who and primarily the Stones rushed frantically into dormant veins last night. The noises sent sexualized blood transfusions upon innocent and not- so- innocent bodies. Foreplay entered just after 8pm and by the end of the evening’s seduction – sweat blinded the eyes of the most jaded of souls and cigarettes were required.

Ironically –  The Tragically Hip did not screw around. Not fully or completely …

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