Top Ten Signs The Montreal Jazz Festival is Coming !

Every year, as sure as Grandma serves pie, The Montreal International Jazz Festival rears it’s musical head.


For some purists, cringes replace enthusiasm. Huey Lewis isn’t exactly ‘Jazz news'( as was the case last year) and The Barr Brothers ain”t even close to The Smothers Brothers.

Other Jazz lovers embrace the exposure for it’s ability to turn people on to Jazz who previously may have thought the genre died with Miles Davis.

Whatever the belief – citizens of Montreal and elsewhere scurry about to prepare for ten days of sun, tunes and merriment. The Festival,  if anything – an excuse to party !


Here now – The Top Ten Signs The Montreal Jazz Festival is around the corner …

10. No room on city buses with all the upright basses taking up seats !

9.  Suddenly … IT IS ….. ‘a Wonderful World” …

8.  With every Big Mac … get a free beret !

7.  Sales of Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ skyrocketing !

6. Dr. Oliver Jones saw his shadow!

5. Number one rental in the adult section of the video store? All That Jizz!

4.  STCUM slogan changed to ‘Take the A Train au  Centre Ville!

3.  Montreal Pool Room now known as  ‘The Be-Bop Emporium’.

2.  Doesn’t matter what language is spoken, the response is in ‘scat’.

and The Number One Sign The Montreal Jazz Festival is Around the Corner?

1. Mayor Denis Coderre is on the phone ordering more granite stumps !

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