Top Ten Signs The Business of Music ‘Ain’t What it Used to Be’.

Times change … 

Chuck Berry

Many of the pioneers of popular music have left us for the ‘great gig in the sky’. Just one example of how fast things can change in the music business.

Records, with all their idiosyncratic faults are practically non existent. 45s? Forget about it … 

Things change quickly !

Here now are the

Top Ten Signs The Business of Music ‘Ain’t What it Used to Be …’

10. Pull out posters from Cream magazine replaced by screensavers of Cream magazine covers.  

9. Eight tracks are what teens use in Xbox racing car games

8. Faded Jean Jackets with iron – on band logos worn only by worn – out faded Iron Maiden members. 

7. Black light posters depicting scantily clad women worshipping guitar gods replaced by scantily clad women walking down the street carrying acoustic guitars and humming covers of Peter Frampton songs. 

6. Fairies and elves depicted in the imagery of Prog Rock songs are now judges on American Idol. 

5. Sex , Drugs and Rock n Roll replaced by Miley Cyrus. 

4. The Rolling Stones are The Bad ‘Great Great Grandfathers’ of Rock n Roll ‘ …

3. Band members’ lust for Groupies replaced by lust for merch tables. 

2. Beach balls, clouds of marijuana smoke and party atmospheres at shows replaced with high definition images of beach balls, marijuana smoke and party atmospheres at shows. 

And the number one sign the business of music ‘ain’t what it used to be ?’

1. Led Zeppelin are suing themselves for plagiarism ! 

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