Rick Keene Music Scene – Dr. Jarrett Lobley Discusses Addiction and Music. PART 1

‘East is east and west is west – and an elephant never forgets. Boulder’s rules …

 The elephant in this case happens to be Dr. Jarrett Lobley. A musician and a doctor practicing out west yet originally from Montreal. Lobley, has not forgot how fortunate he was to grow up in Canada and he utilizes that knowledge to give back to Canadians and transplanted Canadians.

 The good doctor helps in treating addictions. A serious problem that is only lately being taken seriously by the medical community. The good doctor is also a musician heading up the Jarrett Lobley Project. A band which gives Lobley the platform for writing lyrics which pass positive messages to the public.

Please listen below to the first part of my chat with Dr. Lobley. Addiction is a serious issue and sometimes a little knowledge can go a long way in treating it.

Hear some great tunes from the doctor as well!

Jarrett? What’s up?



     Jarrett Lobley Project Here !





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