Rick Keene Music Scene – Top Ten Signs Your Father is a Rock Star 

Every Father has his own signature. Quirks and habits that make him unique. 

Some Dads curse. Some Dads don’t. Most Father’s are prone to at least one curse word a day. Ask any wife and / or kid. 

In the world of music – things can be slightly different. After all, it is a very different world. 

Here now are the Top Ten Signs Your Father is a Rock Star !

10. The lullabies he sings to you keep you awake !

9. No time for walking – baby you were ‘ Born to Run ‘ ! 

8. You have 245 brothers and sisters !

7. You don’t have a babysitter – you have a tour manager !

6. The Dental Floss is guitar strings and the shampoo is always empty …

5. Security is called when your Grandparents visit because their names are never on the guest list ! 

4. Hallowe’en is the only time Dad doesn’t wear make- up !

3. ‘Fishing for Bass’ usually happens after the pool party …

2. Your Godparents are Strippers!

And the number one sign your Father is a Rock Star ?

1. He has a mansion – they tell him it’s nice … 

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