Every Father has his own signature. Quirks and habits that make him unique. 

Some Dads curse. Some Dads don’t. Most Father’s are prone to at least one curse word a day. Ask any wife and / or kid. 

In the world of music – things can be slightly different. After all, it is a very different world. 

Here now are the Top Ten Signs Your Father is a Rock Star !

10. The lullabies he sings to you keep you awake !

9. No time for walking – baby you were ‘ Born to Run ‘ ! 

8. You have 245 brothers and sisters !

7. You don’t have a babysitter – you have a tour manager !

6. The Dental Floss is guitar strings and the shampoo is always empty …

5. Security is called when your Grandparents visit because their names are never on the guest list ! 

4. Hallowe’en is the only time Dad doesn’t wear make- up !

3. ‘Fishing for Bass’ usually happens after the pool party …

2. Your Godparents are Strippers!

And the number one sign your Father is a Rock Star ?

1. He has a mansion – they tell him it’s nice …