Rick Keene Music Scene – See Spot Run; Changing to Remain the Same. PART TWO


See Spot Run took the ball and left …


Where did they go? Straight to Toronto where (at that time) every Canadian English artist needed to be to make it in the industry.

The year was 1999 they released the song Weightless. That tune lessened their gravity. They floated into music heaven. 


Fast forward almost eighteen years and the more things change – the more See Spot Run change but remain themselves. Great for their fan base who are loyal to the core.

Please listen below to part two of my chat with Chris Brodbeck, one half of the principle songwriting team and one of the founding members of this great Canadian institution.

Chris? What’s up?



Visit See Spot Run Here !

Catch ’em live November 23rd at

Le Pionnier in Pte Claire







Click Here !



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