Rick Keene Music Scene – What Happened When Todd Galganov Met with Trudeau? What Steps to Find Jesse Galganov?

Todd Galganov is a great Father.


When most people would have given their son up for dead and just come home – Todd Galganov remains in Peru and is only gaining strength in his quest to find his son Jesse Galganov.


That doesn’t mean Todd is not realistic. He truly understands that his son may be in the hands of God. The bottom line is that Todd Galganov wants to come back to Montreal with closure one way or another. He also wants to use this horrible situation as a learning curve for everyone who plans on going hiking in Peru or anywhere.

Dead or alive – the name of Jesse Galganov will not be forgotten.

Please listen below to my chat with Todd as he fills everyone in on what is going on and how anyone can help. Please share this so we can all sit down and have a beer with Jesse and give him heck for worrying us all.

Todd? What’s up?



Missing Children’s Network

Todd Galganov Facebook






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