Rick Keene Music Scene -The Brooks Take Montreal By Force !

Even if you did not dance – your body hurts this morning …

Following a very short but extremely successful entrance into the Montreal music scene, The Brooks have funked their way to the top of the heap.

Their resume includes opening up for The Doobie Brothers and Kool and The Gang. Two huge blowouts at the Montreal International Jazz Festival are also easy on the ears on a rhythmic C.V.

On Tuesday night – the band (and what seemed like the entire city of Montreal), raised the roof at L’Astral and cemented their position as this city’s soon-to-be next Arcade Fire on the global scene.

The situation was an EP launch. Their new disc Freewheelin’ Walking, a colorful in-your-face injection of Funk, R&B and Soul. The band showcased the tunes and judging by the reaction of the sold out club, a second pressing of the vinyl album is on the schedule for this week.

Led by Montreal veteran singer / instrumentalist Alan Prater – The Brooks on record and live are acutely layered. The eight piece group combine just enough spaces with just enough solos to allow each song to breathe fire into the band and the crowd. Fire requires oxygen and Prater (himself likable as the front man with enough confidence to lead but enough humbleness to enjoy the moments) is the lifeline of the raging funky inferno. No amount of water could douse the heat provided by The Brooks live.

In a music scene void of swing in all genres – The Brooks may be the recipe required to draw musicians away from the melancholy kitchen which economically and socially is dictating the stripped down main courses served up on a much too frequent basis. Tunes such as Live Free, Where the Party At, Freewheelin’ Walking and Priceless ( from the new EP) are all set to be programmed on any DJ’s playlist.

All set to be distributed through all platforms into the buying public.

If DJs know what they are doing of course …

Visit The Brooks Here !

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Some of These Children Here !

Fifty percent of proceeds to Boys and Girls Club Halifax

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Booking Information and Audio Video Here !

Tune in Thursdays from 7 pm to 10pm

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