Rick Keene Music Scene; Jazz Festival Review – Jordan Officer Passes ‘Humpday’ …

Jordan Officer

On the heels of his latest record ‘Three Rivers’, Jordan is on the cusp of Quebec guitar sainthood. In other words, his ‘opening act ‘ performance for George Thorogood at Place des Arts ( part of The Montreal Jazz Festival) – opened the door widely for all music fans to see him clearly. Finally.

Officer is not your typical guitar player. No duplicating and creating your own style and moving forward type – stuff. No sir (or Madame). Officer is a continuous work in progress with a thirst for guitar and music knowledge. The most recent results of his ‘ quest for fire ‘, fully displayed in front of an international audience.

Combining riffs from Dick Dale, Bob Wills and everyone before and between – Officer is turning the entire scheme of what to expect from a Blues trio on it’s collective head. It’s about time.

Stagnation encourages fungus and there is more than enough bacteria floating around the Blues scene locally and globally. Tired beats with predictable solos – more than defeat the purphse of keeping the Blues alive and the never ending search for mainstream acceptance. Officer is not only a game changer, he is doing for the current state of Blues / Rock what the British Invasion did for men like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and Elmore James. Officer is re- introducing music while creating his own voice inside the classroom. A teacher’s pet complete with an apple a day disguised as Blues.

Jordan Officer has taken the ball and run with it in a way that Buddy Holly would be proud. Groundbreakers tend to stick together …

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