Rick Keene Music Scene – Reuben and the Dark; The Show Must Go On …

Habitually – a music tour does not commence with a crash. Reuben and The Dark did not get the memo.

Paper, Beat Scissors

Just over a week ago, the band Reuben and The Dark’s van skidded off an icy road into the ditch. Nobody was gravely injured yet a few instruments perished. Unfazed, the up and coming Calgary – based band continued East and ended their tour Saturday night in Montreal thanks to an up and coming Montreal band.

John Jacob Magestry

John Jacob Magestry saved the day ( and some bucks) by lending ‘ The Dark’ their equipment and back-line.

Who says musicians are egotistical and selfish?


Following an intriguing set by solo artist Paper Beat Scissors   – Magestry took the stage and demonstrated that Montreal can give birth to a modern Rock band.
Anthony Lombardi (drums), Mackenzie Myatt (violin / vocals), Antoine Ferron (bass), Francois Jalbert (guitar) and singer / guitarist Johnny Griffin walked the balance of poetry and song.

Off the heels of a short but successful Eastern tour – Magestry combined power and softness to a packed audience at L’Astral. The band are the perfect Montreal answer to those who think The Damn Truth ( another Montreal band) are too hard on the ears. Au contraire to the (mostly) screaming vocals in TDT – Magestry has something for everyone. Balladry, Pop, Folk, Rock and Indie. John Jacob Magestry is the band which has an opportunity of replacing Arcade Fire on the global stage.

Reuben and The Dark took the stage (and Magestry’s baton) as the darkness grew. Reuben’s ghostly attire amid a blackened backdrop – a sign of things to come.

Dressed in white, Reuben’s presence along with the music’s melancholy feel, set the tone for acute feelings of thought. Both from the audience and Reuben’s lyrics. Spirituality and calmness was the message both on and offstage.

The band is touring on their new album; Arms of a Dream. A cosmic delicacy of contrasts. That buffet was devoured by a younger audience who seemed cast by Reuben’s spell. Part attire and part performance placed the punters into purgatory. Waiting to be accepted into the band’s realm. Into Reuben’s heart. Without peaks and valleys – the evening was a large seance.

If anything was lacking – it was energy. Within a three act night, some hot sauce is required. No fault of Reuben and the band as their tones are right for the fans and the mood.

 Shea Alain, Brock Geiger, Ian Jarvis and Dino Soares are on the same page as members of The Dark. Each adept and below their talents within the structure of The Dark. Musicians with depth could only provide the tools needed for songwriter Reuben.

Any other night and alone as one act – the band would have made a loud crash.

On purpose.

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