Rick Keene Music Scene – Top Ten Signs The Montreal International Jazz Festival is Nearing

Ah yes. It is that time of the year. Nothing says Montreal like construction cones and Jazz.

Unfortunately – the cones are present year long while the Jazz Festival pops up once a summer. In a perfect music world; guitars are made of orange rubber and are available on every street corner.

How do we know The Montreal International Jazz Festival is coming soon ?

Here are The Top Ten Signs.

10. All fries, gravy and cheese dishes are renamed Charlie Parker Poutines.

9. For the entire month of June, the lights on the Jacques Cartier bridge are now called ‘Kind of Blue’ to honour Miles Davis.

8. The official greeting in Montreal is Bonjour – Hi -Hat.

7. All the strip joints in the city must be referred to as a ‘Club du Sax …’

6. All metros will be called Col – tranes because sometimes it seems they go ‘both directions at once.’

5. All the boys and girls who were bad can now change their ‘Cole’ for free Nat King Cds.

4. Mayor Valerie Plante is learning to how to scat from former Mayor Coderre.

3. Dr. Oliver Jones is getting very, very antsy …

2. Homeless people are getting their ‘ Sunday Clothes’ out.

And the Number One Sign The Montreal International Jazz Festival is Coming?

1. People are smiling.

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