Rick Keene Music Scene – Happy Birthday Sir Michael Philip Jagger

“Sexually unsatisfied, financially unsatisfied and philosophically trying …”

The above quote was by Mick Jagger during their second tour of the U.S. in 1965. A tour which cemented their place at the time as second to The Beatles in the world.

Over the years, The Stones – despite the backlash of ‘society’ over their rebellious ways and disregard for so called public decency, The Stones have not just endured, they have outlasted most of their contemporaries

Mick Jagger and his intelligence are the main reason why.

Combining excellent showmanship with business savvy. Artistic and intellectual curiosity with an unmatched ability to mimic vocal ebbs and flows. Jagger has mastered the art of a front-man and set the bar for all to follow. No Mick Jagger – no Freddie Mercury, No Mick – no Stephen Tyler, no Michael Jackson, no Prince. Add the fact that none come close to matching the amount of quality songs penned by Mr. Jagger; at the age of 76 – Sir Mick sits alone on the throne.

Please have a listen below to my Birthday Tribute.

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