Rick Keene Music Scene – Martha Wainright (and family) Deliver Roots y Music

The family has always been ‘outside the box’.

Whenever Martha Wainright delivers a performance, safe to say; you never know what you will get. There is a good chance that Martha herself has no clue.

(Photo: Morgan Harris

Body and Soul is the new tour and parts of the disc Martha delivered / introduced last night at the Outremont Theater was Goodnight City. Following an interesting set by La Force, Martha somewhat dashingly and with self depreciating humor in tow – explained and dissected the thoughts behind the new disc. An outward look at things rather than the inner observations that (by her own admission) got her into ‘trouble’ on past records.

Around the Bend set the tone for a whimsical evening. Part melancholy – part introspective and mostly just good songs. Alone on acoustic or accompanied by piano; Martha nervously had the sold out theater eating out of her hand. Martha is not often in Montreal so when she is – the punters flock like locusts.

Goodnight City, the record, was a family affair with additions by brother Rufus and Aunt Anna ( among others). Most of the family was on stage last night (except Rufus) leading to the best part of the evening as the energy provided by one of Canada’s most musical families lit up the theater. Martha’s son Archangelo – trying to steal the spotlight on violin and vocals. Prompting Mom several times to speak / whisper into her son’s ear to ‘calm him down”? Rehearsed or not – it was comedic relief in what was a fairly musical show with a nod towards seriousness. Yes Martha was mostly serious.

Morgan Harris

Joined by the Barr Brothers ( who are known mostly for melancholia) – Martha performed as if to say; “Please take me serious”. An about turn from many of her recent shows where comedy appeared to be the flag which brought attention to the messages in the songs.

Whenever Martha Wainright delivers a performance, safe to say; you never know what you will get.

Visit Martha Here

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