Rick Keene Music Scene – Just Who Is Playing at Smoke Meat Pete’s Birthday Bash?

In the old days,it was called a Hoedown.

People of all classes of life got together to celebrate and exercise their stress. Everything was left at home and the masses gathered for an evening of music, drink and food.

Smoke Meat Pete

March 7th will be a Hoedown.

Smoke Meat Pete returns from a well earned vacation.The restaurant reopens and it is Pete’s Birthday. Smoke Meat, good folks and incredible live music.

Paul DesLauriers

Who will be playing?

Let’s just say – award winning musicians and bands. The Guitar player of the year, the bass player of the year and an opening act which won The Quebec to Memphis Blues Challenge.

Fuel Junkie

Please listen below to my chat with Paul DesLauriers (Guitar player of the year) and Mark LeClerc of Fuel Junkie.

See you on March 7th

Fuel Junkie

Visit Smoke Meat Pete Here

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