Rick Keene Music Scene – Songs For The Rational and Sane

Music has always been a voice for the people.

Jazz, Country, The Blues, Hip Hop and Rock n Roll in their heydays all carried the same messages. Anti establishment and the freedom of the human soul. Throughout history – the oppressed must remain oppressed. If any strength is gained by the masses, a boogeyman is introduced as a form of fear. Religion, fictitious enemies and the subtraction of rights – all utilized to keep people from thinking.

With the popularity of the internet and subsequent increase of people’s knowledge and power, more than ever; the powers may be afraid. How else can you explain a global economic lock-down based on figures fictitious in their nature. Panic – minced figures based on an arc that was well on the downside before estimates of death worldwide were trotted out to force people into their homes?

Have a listen below with an open mind to songs that make sense. Songs for the sane and rational thinking.

Smoke Meat Pete Take Out and Delivery Here

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