Rick Keene Music Scene – Odiance; A Live-stream Site Created to Help Musicians

The music business is in trouble.

Before Covid reared it’s ugly head, the music industry was wobbling in recent years.

Too many people have grown up thinking music is free. Through no fault of their own – recent music fans and even older ones have been taught to listen and download tunes at little or no cost. Cd or album sales, once upon a time – paid (if not all) a good part of an artist’s costs. Add concert and merch sales – a living could be eked out.

Photo by RF.

Covid has killed the concert scene and CD or album sales are practically non existent. Musicians are scrambling to make money. Live streaming on social media platforms helps to keep their names and music fresh yet all platforms are set up to allow musicians to take only donations if a fan feels they want to.

That is where Odiance comes in. A platform that will be in essence – a one stop shopping platform to go to when new and live music is wanted. Personalized performances by artists who not only need money to grow and pay bills – they also require peace of mind to concentrate on learning their craft.

Individual shows will be scheduled and for a minimal ticket price – a music fan can learn of the new music that is out there and invest in the future of music. The only difference between pre Covid and now is the stage. A fee to see live music at the local club was not even worth a complaint. Why should a show in the comfort of someone’s living room be any different?

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

Odiance will be live shortly. I am looking for musicians to set up the scheduling. If you are a musician who writes original music and can plug into a computer – Odiance is the place to promote your site, sell merch, put on a quality music concert and make money.

Please send your info to Rickkeene2@gmail.com. You will be contacted to explain everything.

Watch below to one artist that will be performing on Odiance – Mr. Adam Karch

Visit Adam Here

Visit Jesse Protected.com Here

Help Me Support Musicians and Donate Here

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  1. Thanks for all you do for indie artists Rick. I’ve known you for several years now and your commitment and passion for every artist of every genre is inspiring. Thanks for all your hard work which has obviously paid off. Cheers!!

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