Rick Keene Music Scene – J C Maillard Introduces “Saz Blues”. Part Two

A musical world traveler.

J C Maillard is not one to let his curiosity go unfed. Starting from an early age – music and more specifically, rhythms have inspired the Guadeloupe -born guitarist to travel inward and outward as a student of music.

J C Maillard began his unparalleled career in various collaborations with Caribbean artists in Zouk music. From there – a journey with several diverse and eclectic musicians from around the world took place around the globe.

It was his brainchild of creating the band Grand Baton and having former Rolling Stones’ backup singer Lisa Fischer on board that finally gave him the universal attention he more than rightfully deserved.

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Fast forward to 2020 and a forced isolation due to Covid, a new journey has begun. Equipped with a custom-made, new 8-strings instrument made for him; the SazBass has created the new release SazBlues.

Please listen below to part one of my chat with J C and receive an education on what makes a visionary tick, music from the album SazBlues and Working with Lisa Fischer

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