Rick Keene Music Scene – Year in Review; Top Ten Female CD Releases

Writing music is a gift. Buying music – the best present !

To say 2020 was an interesting year – all you need to do is see the 2020 calendar next to the definition of interesting in the dictionary. The world has seen worse yet the repercussions from govt decisions will not be seen for a few years. The jury is still out on just how interesting 2020 will be.

Nevertheless, music did go on even if it was the most effected industry on the planet. Add the restaurants and clubs as a close second to almost total decimation – a miracle that music managed to keep everyone sane.

The government decisions regarding Covid seem to be pushing the world into a society living in a box. In the past few years via streaming services (video and audio), music was already pushed in that direction. With more and more ‘live’ clubs shutting their doors before Covid – the touring musician was already in trouble. No live shows – no selling of merchandise. CDs sold at concerts were the bread and butter for professional musicians. They do not make enough money to survive and create from streaming services.

There is a lot of great music wonderfully being created each day around the world. Rick Keene Music Scene is one place you can hear the creativity and podcasts are also the place to explore. If you want to learn and grow as a music fan – mainstream radio is the last place that should enter your brain. Corporations placing their product into the conscience and subconsciousness of the world. Taylor Swift may as well be the new Ford Escort. The marketing is the same via radio, tv and film. Repeating someone is the best over and over – they become ‘the best’ much to the chagrin of the thousand women who are better.

Please have a listen below to ten songs from ten of the best female CD releases in 2020.

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