Rick Keene Music Scene – The Ronnie Wood Band Plays Tribute to Jimmy Reed.

Ron Wood knows his music. Like all of his bandmates in The Greatest Rock n Roll Band in the World; Wood is a student of music.

As most Stones fans ( music fans) are aware; The Stones output of original music has been stalled since the album A Bigger Bang released in 2005. That’s a lot of time for each member to find things to do.

Jagger – always a ball of energy, has dabbled in producing films, acted in films and released quite a bit of music both solo and collaborations. Sir Mick also survived a heart scare. Keith Richards ( aside from out living everyone) has released a solo disc and played Johnny Depp’s father in the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise. Charlie Watts has periodically performed with his Jazz band in various formations and even put out a disc. Oh – and recovered from throat cancer.

Ron Wood has battled cancer twice, fathered twin girls ( got married), released a couple of books containing his artwork and periodically joins his former Faces’ mates to play classic Faces’ tunes. He also released a tribute to Chuck Berry in 2019. It seems only normal Wood would get around to releasing an album whose concept started way back in 2013. A tribute to Jimmy Reed.

Wood recruited a few guys to play on this album. A few guys who are also schooled in music.

“Jimmy Reed was one of the premier influences on the Rolling Stones and all the bands that love American blues from that era until the present day,” Wood said in a statement. “It is my honor to have the opportunity to celebrate his life and legacy with this tribute.”

Once upon a time – Ron Wood replaced Mick Taylor in The Rolling Stones. Two guitar players with totally different approaches to playing guitar in a band. Taylor – the virtuoso and Wood – the collaborator. Wood called upon his predecessor to do a lot of leads on the new disc and even manages to recruit Taylor into the ‘ancient art of weaving ‘. Jimmy Reed after all – not exactly Steve Stevens and / or Randy Rhodes.

Paul Weller also joins in the mix and the result seems so pleasantly bizarre in a world where Rock n Roll has about as much swing as a ninety – five year old legless grandma.

Music has become so fake, overproduced and far far removed from its true Jazz / Blues / Country form – Wood’s tribute to Reed is a necessity. Reed’s contribution to the history book of music is a chapter worth reading.

Seldom is a disc released that contains musicians who understand the building blocks. Rarely do musicians gather who have also played with the very same building blocks. The students on this disc didn’t just read the books – they’ve spent the night with the authors.

Mr. Luck is the name of the album. Luck is not part of the equation when Wood chose to complete this album. Lucky in Love is more accurate as Wood’s second album in a trilogy befits this well planned crime in progress.

Bobby Bank/WireImage

Track Listing

  • Essence
  • Good Lover
  • Mr. Luck
  • Let’s Get Together
  • Ain’t That Loving You Baby
  • Honest I Do
  • High & Lonesome
  • Baby What You Want Me To Do
  • Roll and Rhumba
  • You Don’t Have To Go
  • Shame Shame Shame
  • I’m That Man Down There
  • Got No Where To Go
  • Big Boss Man
  • I Ain’t Got You
  • I’m Going Upside Your Head
  • Bright Lights Big City
  • Ghost of a Man

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