Rick Keene Music Scene – UnZipping The Rolling Stones

Please allow me to introduce The Rolling Stones. They are men of wealth and taste. They have been around for many long, long years. They have stole millions man’s soul an faith.

Visiting TheMuseum in Kitchener, Ontario to witness UnZipped – immediately the above lyrics from The Stones’ song Sympathy for The Devil jumps into your head. Truer words have never been written to describe a Rock n Roll band that have endured for fifty-nine years.

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Entering the exhibit – people are greeted by a video montage with several screens overlapping one another. Along with music and dialogue – the history of the band and all their trials, tribulations and music grabs you. A fan or not – the adventure which is The Rolling Stones awaits as you enter the highway of world and music history.

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Formed in 1962 – The Rolling Stones first started making girls scream when John F Kennedy was president of The United States. Upon completion of their No Filter Tour in 2021, Joe Biden is President of The United States. In between – death , destruction, advances in medicine and technology, governments and every trend imaginable have come and gone. The only common denominator aside from the Sun and the Moon – The Rolling Stones. The sooner that realization takes place – the more intriguing, educational and historic a visit through the exhibit becomes.

Charlie Watts’ – the only drummer in Stones history and the man who made Mick Jagger dance the way he does, passed away in 2021. Charlie’s drum kit – the one he used on all studio recordings from 1965-68 greets a visitor on the next step of the visit. Like Charlie himself – the Ludwig kit stands quietly and elegantly. No words were needed by Charlie and no words required by his kit as it is displayed fittingly surrounded by early photos of his band mates and friends. Charlie in the center and the antics that created the band around him. Poetic.

Decade by decade – the Stones’ bodies rust yet the frame remains intact. Album covers and tour posters, costumes reflecting the times and fashion trends, guitars and instruments on display as the exhibit continues to amaze and excite. Like Ronnie and Keith’s guitars themselves – Unzipped weaves through their history anciently and artistically. Warhol, Gucci – the beacons of the art and design world mirroring the Stones artistic catalog. Stage designs larger in scale than most five hundred dollar Lego sets give a nod and a wink to Charlie. Thinking, listening, dancing and watching. As much as part of TheMuseum visit as a Stones concert itself.

Most museum visits and exhibits give the punter a glance of times gone by and a wonder of what the people that made history were like. Ancient artifacts and people dead for many years are for the most part – the exhibit. How often does history at this level, with this much impact on popular culture consist of people and artifacts that are still in use and continuing to write history? Like The Rolling Stones themselves – Unzipped is a one of a kind experience that must be seen at least once.


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