Rick Keene Music Scene – Celebrating David Bowie is a Celebration.

When a living, breathing, musical genuis is overshadowed by the music of a deceased person, you know you are on to something great.


Todd Rundgren – a man whose resume (both as an artist and producer) is the same length as The Rolling Stones’ catalogue (longer?), was in town on Tuesday night to celebrate the music and legacy of David Bowie.

Could there have been a better choice to emulate the many faces and personalities of Bowie then Rundgren? Todd himself – an ever changing, constantly evolving artist whose ability to change personalities on the spot; ideal to front many of Bowie’s classic tunes. Even Bowie’s gift to Mott The Hoople’s ‘All the Young Dudes‘ appeared and showcased Rundgren’s ability to take command and steer the crowd into a Bowie frenzy.

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Rundgren – Moore

Celebrating David Bowie would have soared with just Rundgren singing every song. Thanks to musical director ‘Scrote‘ and his visions – the traveling Bowie ‘circus‘ reached the stratosphere. Adrian Belew fronted the band, Scrote fronted the band and everybody sang back up and / or did their leading parts on almost every tune. As great (and a times) eerily accurate as the band members were – there was one man who stole the show.

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Angelo Moore (Fishbone) fronted half of the songs and entertained even the most jaded punter. Some people are born to sing, dance and lead with passion. Moore had the crowd eating out of his hand with every costume change and every nuance in his vocals. Whether entering into the crowd or bringing everyone on stage for a rousing rendition of Suffragette City – Moore undoubtedly is the talk of social media and water coolers everywhere on a Fall Wednesday morning in Montreal.


Adrian Belew ( King Crimson) also sang a few songs and also a times was eerily close to Bowie’s voice. Adrian appears to be having a blast on this tour and his guitar solos thrive within the eccentricity of Bowie’s catalogue. Royston Langdon (Spacehog) contributed lead vocals and came in tied with Rundgren for second place behind Moore as the frontman of the night.. Langdon as odd and eccentric as Bowie could be and as equallly balanced as Bowie could be.

Saris – Langdon

The backing band, Angeline Saris on bass, Michael Urbano on drums, Ron Dziubla on saxophone and Scrote on guitar would be on top of the charts if they wrote and performed their own material. Saris and Urbani – providing a basement floor void of any cracks or blemishes. The Celebrating David Bowie house in no danger of collapsing anytime soon.

When a deceased musical genuis’ music is overshadowed by a bunch of talented passionate artists – you know you are on to something great.

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