A Magical Musical Evening to Combat Prostate Cancer

On Saturday Dec. 12th, a group of very talented musicians gathered to help combat a very relevant and terrible disease.

Prostate Cancer.

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It was estimated that in 2015 …

24,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer. This represents 24% of all new cancer cases in men in 2015.

4,100 men will die from prostate cancer. This represented 10% of all cancer deaths in men in 2015.

On average, 66 Canadian men were diagnosed with prostate cancer every day.

On average, 11 Canadian men died from prostate cancer every day.

Yes the disease is very relevant unfortunately. Thankfully, there exists an organization such as Procure. One of few organizations in the Province of Quebec which utilizes all it’s energy to raise awareness and funds to help secure a cure for a disease which affects too many lives.

Please visit Procure Here.

On Dec. 12th at Dundees in Ste Anne de Bellevue, musicians gathered. Jerry Mercer, Gary Moffet, Breen LeBoeuf, Kelly Watling and Brian Greenway were the headliners.

On Dec.12th – the only headliner was a kick in the head to prostate cancer as $1745.00 was raised to combat the deadly disease.

Thanks to everyone who contributed in the form of time, money and effort. Special thanks to Lance Delisle of the band Souled. Lance provided his drum kit for the evening and due to the decision of the soundman – Lance and his band did not get to play. The members were compensated $75.00 each in restaurant gift certificates.

Next year will be an improvement as the second Magical Musical Evening will take place earlier and not so close to Christmas and any glitches that may have taken place will be resolved.

 Please enjoy the evening through the eyes and photos provided by James St. Laurent photography. James contributed his time to the evening and groups of four shots of individual portraits are available to purchase for $25.00. at high resolution. For each purchase, James will donate $5.00 to Procure.ca. Please visit the link below to view the photo sets.

A Magical Musical Evening to Combat Prostate Cancer.

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Ria Reece
        Ria Reece


Kid Mercury
 Kid Mercury


Gary Mackenzie
    Gary Mackenzie