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Rick Blue and George Bowser, more commonly known as Bowser and Blue, have been lighting the stage for over forty years as Montreal’s and Canada’s favorite musical comedic duo.

Bowser and Blue

Bowser and Blue have performed for members of Parliament, headlined the iconic Just for Laughs Festival and have toured extensively with the famed Canadian Snowbirds. They have even toured with Katrina and The Waves as the opening act.

Bowser and Blue’s song ‘ The Colorectal Surgeon ‘ remains one of the duo’s most loved songs and with two million hits and counting on YouTube – a song suited for the humor in all age groups.

Superspreader Santa, In the Red Zone and Just a Vaccination – a few examples of the pair’s newest material which helped keep the world sane during the Covid pandemic. Proving once and for all – Bowser and Blue remain atop the heap of Canada’s funniest and relevant performers.

Bowser and Blue continue to perform corporate gigs but now it is time to get back to their roots. The places where it all started. Bars, clubs and high school and college auditoriums. These places are where a lot of the duo’s ideas came from. Listening and speaking to the audience members eventually made the audiences listen to the famed Bowser and Blue catalog.

Forty years of performing and forty years of stories could be yours for a few hours. If you would like to book Bowser and Blue for your establishment or would like an interview – please send an email for inquiries and availability at the email below. A prompt reply is promised.

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