Rick Keene Music Scene- 2013 Top Ten Interviews

I have been blessed …

Combined with a little bit of elbow grease and in the pathway of many talented artists who make their way into Montreal – I was fortunate to have many insightful conversations this past year.

Far too many to put a list together as the best. Each one of my talks – informative about music, the music business or the character of whomever I am speaking with. To say these conversations have not changed me as a person would be a gross understatement …

Each person teaches something new through life experiences. A unique perspective that is truly theirs and no one else’s. I am privileged and appreciative of the time musicians give me. My first reward for promoting their show is the opportunity to hear and see them play. My ultimate reward is to meet and shake their hands. It is not monetary, it is not to pose for pictures. They work hard at what they do and so do I.

I sincerely believe the reason I get to meet so many is my ability to treat each one as a person and not a star. After all – they are only people like us who happen to possess gifts of music.  

Without further ado – here is my list of the 2013 Top Ten Interviews. As you check out each one – I hope you will be as fascinated as I was.

10. Glen Matlock – Bass Player; The Sex Pistols

How often does one get the opportunity to speak with someone who hung around with Sid Vicious? Matlock was one of the original Pistols and was replaced by Vicious as the group’s bass player. The composer of ten  songs on the 1977  album; ‘Never Mind the Bullocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’. One of the original punk rockers and a part of music history. I spoke with Glen on the phone and for an hour following his show with Scott Kempner of The Dictators.

Read the interview here!

9. Vinny Appice – Drummer for Axis, Derringer, Black Sabbath, Dio, John Lennon and Heaven and Hell.

Did you know that Vinny Appice – by chance, played drums for John Lennon at The Record Studio in New York? Or – his brother Carmine (also a drummer) co -wrote Rod Stewart’s ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? Neither did I until I spoke with him on the phone from California and once more in person before and after his Drum Wars show with brother Carmine. The guy played drums for John Lennon for Pete’s sake!

Read the interview here!

8. Lee Rocker – Double bass player for The Stray Cats and solo artist.

Lee and I spoke over the phone from his home in New York as well as about a half an hour in person before his show. We had a delicious conversation about the roots of Rockabilly and Rock n Roll. A very open guy who just loves to make sure everyone respects Carl Perkins and Scotty Moore. His tale of Keith Richards laying down a track on Rocker’s solo album – priceless!

Read the interview here!

7. Holly Cole – Canadian Jazz Singer

I spoke with Cole for an hour on the phone from Toronto. She spoke candidly of her recent album ‘Night’. The tale of her riding her Father’s shoulders on a foggy night in Nova Scotia-  ‘so many moons ago …’;  a sheer delight. An honor to speak with this Canadian legend …

Read the interview here!

6. Ian Mosley – Drummer for Marillion

A gentleman! Mr. Mosley gave me an hour of his time on the phone and I was very lucky to spend two nights backstage following Marillion’s shows at The Olympia. Mosley lives in England yet his daughter lives in the West Island of Montreal. A drummer who got his start/ lucky break by going to the washroom? Check out this kind man’s story …

Read the interview here!

5. Joe Louis Walker – Blues Guitarist / Teacher

Mr. Walker hung out with Jimi Hendrix and roomed with Blues legend Mike Bloomfield. Currently he hangs out ( once in a while ) with Ron Wood of The Stones. Walker gave me two hours of his time on the phone and another hour in person before and after his show at L’Astral. Say what you want – reading about the history of The Blues and talking face-to-face about it; two very different things. I was blessed for two evenings!

Read the interview here!

4. Gowan- Keyboardist / singer Solo and with Styx

Lawrence Gowan donated an hour and a half of his time to speak of everything from his beginnings in music to his ( then ) upcoming show with Styx. A very intelligent guy with opinions which make you go hmmmm …

Read the interview here!

3.  Wanda Jackson – Queen of Rockabilly

Not everday one gets to speak with one of Elvis Presley old girlfriends. Not everyday you get to speak with a lady who toured with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash … Need I say more? I spoke with Wanda on the phone for an hour and again for another half hour at her show as part of the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Read the interview here!

2. Rod Argent – Keyboardist with The Zombies and Argent

Rod Argent spoke with me for an hour to promote a new Zombies’ album! That’s right and he was so pleased and appreciative that I took the time to speak with him about it. Very insightful conversation of the old days and the history of The Zombies. The Zombies were part of the British invasion. Need I say more …?

Read the interview here!

1. Buddy Guy – Blues Guitarist

My conversation with Buddy Guy was limited to ten minutes on the phone by his publicist. In that ten minutes –  Guy spoke of his new book and how important it is for everyone to know the truth about the Blues. Mr. Guy invited me backstage before his show where I was fortunate to spend  forty-five minutes once more – talking about The Blues. Mr. Guy promised me a glass of wine on the phone and preceded to give me heck when I did not have one in my hand upon our meeting. A legend and a class act …

Read the interview here!

Many, many thanks to all the musicians I spoke to over the past year! I have learned so much from you guys and looking forward to many more!

Please scroll through the archive section to read interviews with so many talented people!

Happy New Year!

Alma Faye Brooks – Reborn with a Re-Issue and a New Song!

Alma Faye Brooks – our ‘Miss Brooks’ …

An era or two ago, in a decade filled with decadence and immoral behavior, Alma stuck to her moral grounds. Not only did she have one of the biggest Disco hits of the day – she also performed in ‘Hair’.

Receiving two Juno nominations in the process, Alma Faye is a survivor and continues singing for the right reasons.

Alma Faye discusses her CD launch this coming Friday as well as her very popular Motown show at The Rialto Theater. Take it away Alma!

Visit The Rialto here!


Visit the Firm here!


Visit Alma Faye and La Gioventu Here!

Frank Marino – Part Two

Continuing my conversation with one of the greatest guitar players ever – Frank Marino discusses Stevie Wonder, art and the malaise of the corporate world …


Frank Marino; Frankly Speaking … Part One

Frank Marino – one of the last surviving ‘guitar Gods’ , speaks his mind on many things. Including an upcoming DVD, The Beatles, the Stones and Stevie Wonder …

Frank Marino is refreshingly the same guy he once was. Too bad – the rest of the music business is not …

Jim Henman; Co-Founder of April Wine Part Three

The final segment in my interview with Jim Henman …

Jim speaks of his son, the music business and what advice he would give to a youngster starting out in music.

A gentleman, a musician and someone to take notice of.

Jim Henman …

Visit Jim’s Site here …!

Jim Henman; Co- Founder of April Wine Part Two

Mr. Henman – and that IS MR. Henman, recently toured for the first time in a long time …

Along the way, he played with his cousin David and hooked up with Myles Goodwyn for a listen to Myles’ soon-to-be-released C.D.

It has been a long journey for Jim, a musical man whose knowledge and love of ‘old school music’ – just may make the co-founder of April Wine, famous once more ….

Jim? What do you say …