Concert Review; Garland Jeffreys Falls ‘Head Over Heels’ For Montreal !

Someone should not  tell Garland Jeffreys he is seventy-three years old.

If he ‘realizes it’he may start acting the part. 

The legend was in town last night at Club Soda along with a backing band who not only complimented Jeffreys; they were the icing on the guitar case.

Two songs into a very lengthy two set show, Jeffreys ( as he is known to do) – walked into the crowd. Jeffreys (as he is not known to do), stepped on an errant duffle bag. The sack, truthfully – not part of the act. Abandoned like an empty beer case – the bag became Jeffreys’ sole Nemesis among the loving fan base that packed Club Soda.

Garland went head first onto the floor.

 ‘That’s Rock n Roll baby !’

On his feet, back on stage – the fall never happened. In true professionalism, Jeffreys never missed a beat and never mentioned the incident, the bag or the unknown culprit. An insight into Jeffreys’ staying power of almost fifty years on stage. A testament to the man’s character.

 Brian Justin “JJ” Jordan (guitar) , Charly Roth – keys, Brian Stanley ( bass) and Tom Curiano (drums)  were the thieves on this night. Looting, pillaging the souls in the audience. Raping the songs and making them their own. Taking everything they had and delivering perfection within Rock, Pop, Reggae and Balladry. Curiano in particular, the ringleader – the co-ordinator of music bliss. 

Including songs from the new album; ’14 Steps to Harlem’ – Jeffreys and his band traveled the catalog of covers and original tunes in a well oiled rusty car. No gimmicks, no light showno fuss. ‘Coney Island Winter’ to the title track on the new disc  ’14 Steps to Harlem’.  From ‘?and the Mysterians’ ’96 Tears’ to ‘The Beatles’ ‘Help’ . Vintage playing by vintage guys. Vintage vocals by a vintage singer. The type of show every musician should attend to learn their craft. Garland Jeffreys and his band; top notch entertainment and top notch talent.

Within Garland Jeffreys and his fine line between partying on stage to singing – Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground are prominent. Lyrically, poetically and musically. That New York state of mind. 

Reed’s ‘I’m Waiting for the Man’ – eloquently displayed in a slightly rockier version,  gathering speed as the tune progressed. A heartfelt homage to Jeffrey old Syracuse pal.

Jeffreys is all New York. The attitude – front and center in his lyrics and his between song banter. No shyness in telling audience members to shut up when he is talking. Jeffeys is a Brooklyn – ite through and through. 

Showstoppers  included ‘Spanish Town’ , ‘Dylan’s ‘She Belongs To Me’, ‘Reggae on Broadway’ and his big hit ‘Wild in the Streets’. Genres which make up the essence of music today. Latin flavors, Folk / Country, Reggae / Funk and Rock / Punk.  

Someone should tell Jeffreys and his band of merry-men they delivered the goods. That way – they may act the part sooner than later in Montreal. 



Strangers in the Night – Aug.25th




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