Rick Keene Music Scene – Six Songs You Can’t Say on Televison ( or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Benny Hill ).

George Carlin knew the deal. Somehow he knew how the rich control the media and in return – the media control the masses. 

Disguised as a ‘news story’ – the real goal is to send patrons to an establishment or buy a product. Anyone who ‘helps’ – gets free ‘meals’.

Same thing with music. 

Buy advertising and just like that, your music is on the playlist. Have a cousin who works for the media outlet? Next thing you know – headlining a major festival is on the itinerary.



Please listen below to six  songs that will never be heard on the rad … er … television.

Unless …. 



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Rick Keene Music Scene – Anthony Gomes; Giving Back Through Music and Actions ! Part Two.

 The Blues will get ya all the time !

Singer / songwriter and guitarist Anthony Gomes had a revelation at Sam the Record Man in Toronto. The Blues got him and got him bad …

Fast forward to 2017 and The Blues world would not be the same. Combining all elements of The Blues, Anthony is a true scholar of the music which ‘heals’. A lesson Anthony learned from life experience. 

Please listen below as Anthony educates us on The Blues and provides examples of what happens when a student ‘listens’. 

In Part Two – Anthony explains his take on Chuck Berry, The Stones and his Top Ten Guitarists !

Anthony? What’s up?



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Rick Keene Music Scene – Anthony Gomes; Giving Back Through Music and Actions !

The Blues will get ya all the time !

Singer / songwriter and guitarist Anthony Gomes had a revelation at Sam the Record Man in Toronto. The Blues got him and got him bad …

Fast forward to 2017 and The Blues world would not be the same. Combining all elements of The Blues, Anthony is a true scholar of the music which ‘heals’. A lesson Anthony learned from life experience. 

Please listen below as Anthony educates us on The Blues and provides examples of what happens when a student ‘listens’. 

Stay tuned for Part Two – Anthony explains his involvement in an upcoming Montreal gig that gives back to a mental health establishment. Something that is dear to Gomes’ own heart !

Anthony? What’s up?


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Correction – Anthony will not be part of Jazz Festival. Apologies.

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Rick Keene and Sarah Slean … ‘Metaphysics’

Sarah Slean is keen …

Not only is she excited about her new disc, she is also excited about her new life. 

Following a period of self-reflection, Sarah has arrived at a couple of conclusions. Discoveries that may – or may not, include the film My Cousin Vinny. 

Say what?

Please listen below as Sarah speaks of the new album and hear some great new tunes from the album Metaphysics ! 

Thanks for listening …


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Rick Keene Music Scene – ‘Gonna Go Way Out, Way Out ( That’s Where the Fun Is !)

 Montrealers – just like The Flintstones …  rock !


Although The Way-Outs are not coming to Montreal – many artists are !

Please listen below to some of the shows, some great tunes and where you can buy tickets !


Ian Janes is opening up for Matt Anderson on March 30th @L’Astral

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*Listen below to previous interview with The Zombies bassist Chris White !


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Ian Janes; Crafting Songs The East Coast Kinda Way …

Ian Janes comes from Nova Scotia. His songs? More universal than that.

Combining an eclectic range of influences which he received as gifts from his Mom in the house growing up – Ian is on the brink of a brilliant career.

Please listen below as Ian explains everything you need to know about his influences, his songwriting process and thoughts on Ray Charles . An enormous influence. 

Ian? What’s Up?


Ian is opening up for Matt Anderson on March 30th @L’Astral !

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*Listen below to previous interview with The Zombies bassist Chris White !



Stay tuned for some new tunes from The Zombies!

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Joel Plaskett in Montreal

Once upon a time – a music concert was all about fun


The bands got on a stage, played their guitar strings off and parlayed unparalleled enthusiasm into a crowd that expected to be entertained.

Due to many factors including big business – many times, this experience is a thing of the past. Thank goodness Nova Scotia – born Joel Plaskett lives in the past …

Plaskett and his ’emergency’ band set the Corona Theater on fire last Thursday evening in Montreal. The band is nearing the end of their Canada-wide tour and Plaskett et al ( including Socan songwriter of the year award winner in 2013 Mo Kenney), showed no signs of being tired.

Commencing with Allright / Ok from Plaskett’s latest CD; The Park Avenue  Sobriety Test – the evening started with a catchy riff complete with catchy sing-a-longs and a catchy vibe. In short – catchy …!


Listening to Joel’s new disc in a living room or in the confines of a music venue is the same thing. Rarely do acts manage to obtain this feat. Something is usually lost in translation. The energy may be off, the sound a tad pudgy – something,  more times than not, leaves a sour taste in the punter’s ear.

The fact that Plaskett can duplicate the studio sound live and bring it to a higher level ‘ live’ is a nod to his superior songwriting skills. Lyrically profound, musically light with the proper edginess – Plaskett’s tunes need to be recognized by more than his devout fans …

The wonderful song  ‘Broke’ from the latest disc displays balladry second to none. Plaskett’s soul crying from within to convey a story to the souls in attendance. Tales of realism are upfront in Joel’s songwriting and that deepness matches the realism from his band.


Performance -wise, Plaskett and his left foot are as real as possible. During guitar solos or in a poignant passionate moment , Plaskett’s foot becomes snake-like and propels his body all over the stage. Chuck Berry may have a duck-walk but – ladies and gentlemen; the snake-walk is indeed the new fad.

Plaskett’s energy and passion is contagious.

‘On a Dime’ ( another gem from Park Avenue) sneezes energy into the crowd and everyone catches the virus. Combining Celtic- East coast sounds with contemporary Country- esque Pop riffs is no easy task. Plaskett not only takes the audience to Nova Scotia – he plans the route.

What a ride it is …

‘The Last Phone Booth’ combines Rock n Roll and all it’s splendor with another wistful gem about the meeting of love. Plaskett’s love to his wife. Rarely does a performer capture hearts of the jaded. ‘Phone booth’ and the story within supplied so much tenderness – the security guys held hands.


‘Captains of Industry’ cemented the fact ‘Phone booth’ and ‘Broke’ were not flukes in Plaskett’s arsenal. Any doubters had their wrists slapped with Joel’s once again wistful, soulful singing and lyrics. Add a very Canadiana Blue Rodeo guitar solo – ‘Songs to listen to …’ should be the title of Plaskett’s next album. ‘Songs to be heard …’ should be on everyone’s Christmas list.

Joel Plaskett is the best songwriter in Canada at the moment. His concert and CD combine everything great about music. Hard Rock, Pop, Country, Balladry and some funky Jazzy – Hip Hop grooves. Toss in hints of everyone from The Band, Zeppelin, Jackson Browne and The Barenaked Ladies – what you get is a big party.

A get together which ends with …what else?

A Park Avenue Sobriety Test !




sceen card


Counting Crows-083


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All You Need is Police Protection! Fifty Years Since The Beatles Played in Montreal; Part Two

How time flies …


The Beatles took the world by storm. Creating a sensation which – to this day; remains unmatched. What was it about these four lads from Liverpool? Their hair? Their suits? Their silly English accents combined with even sillier humor?

All of the above for sure yet without an amazing ability to create timeless tunes, sing-a-long melodies and poignant love tales; the imagery meant nothing. Face it – even cute puppies grow up!


Please listen as John Oriettas and I discuss The Beatles as well as John’s upcoming performance on Sunday September 7th at Oscar Peterson Hall. An occasion for his group; REPLAY – to mark the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ only two shows in Montreal. An occasion to mark history …

John? Paul? Geoge? Ringo?


MBD9 Final


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The Stones – As Usual; An Event …

The Rolling Stones – fittingly, arrived on stage at the Bell Center last evening, practically fifty minutes late. Fifty and Counting …?


As with every tour or show since 1989, they arrive in each city under a cloud of various predictions or guesses. Unlike their ‘solo’ contemporaries ( for reasons best left to the overweight, non – active, jaded and ‘I am stuck in a shitty life’ DVD armchair viewers), Andrew Loog Oldham‘s group – take the blame for getting old.

Non – gracefully.

Why can’t people ( veteran music writers raise your hands), accept the simple fact The Rolling Stones are continuing to do what they do best while struggling with Mother Nature and her cruel – aging ways. With the opening chords of ‘Get Off of My Cloud’ and the sheer presence of men historic beyond historic – everyone in attendance should immediately have tossed their critical pens into a vat of prime 1962 ink. After all, if a retired plumber takes two hours longer to fix a pipe – really, who gives a ‘wrench’ as long as the pipe is fixed.

‘It’s Only Rock n Roll’, ‘Paint it Black’ and  ‘Gimme Shelter’ were performed by the three – then four,  of the men who created the blue print. The template for everyone else to follow. How many people would pay six hundred dollars to witness Van Gogh or Picasso paint? Quite a few. Billions globally in fact …

The Rolling Stones have paid their dues. Enough to be able charge whatever they want if people deem the prices enough to witness history. Without their defiance – there is no Led Zeppelin. Without their willpower – there is no Jack White.  Without the Rolling Stones,  a society where popular music consists solely on Beatle and Beach Boy – driven ‘Coldplay’ and ‘Oasis’ tunes may exist. Imagine a world filled with nothing but Roses. Void of thorns. Void of spirit. An orb floating through space known as ‘ a weak peace – loving bunch of pussys’  by the remainder of the Rock n Roll solar system. Planet earth is blue and there would be nothing we could do about it …


The Rolling Stones have done something about it for fifty years and last night, they delivered a concert at seventy – five percent of their one time ability. Through no fault of their own.

Twenty – five percent missing. With the exception of Micheal Phillip Jagger.

The brother of Chris, the target of so much governmental hatred. The brilliant specimen of a man in so many ways, continues to sing as if he was frozen in time. His voice, dipping wonderfully into the Blues, the Soul and the R and B classroom from which he graduated. If the Stones were not playing every three or four nights on their current tour, Jagger – without so much as batting an eye, could dance around his famed tongue with ease. Therein lies the genius withing the man. Better to tone down each show than risk burning out and fading away. Time on one’s side – one thing. Physics – something else entirely.

A glance around the Bell Center last night and with a Chuck Berry ear to the ground – it is easy to discover Jagger’s own words ringing true.

‘Wild Horses’, ‘Honky Tonk Woman‘, ‘Happy’, ‘Miss You’, ‘Start Me Up’, ‘Tumblin’ Dice’, ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, ‘Can’t Always Get What You Want’, ‘Jumpin Jack Flash‘ and ‘Satisfaction’. Eleven classic songs played more often by the Stones in concert than the number of occasions Barack Obama has lied to the America People. Songs sung so often – a wonder that Jagger himself does not turn on the Karaoke machine and get Stephen Tyler todance for him.


Every Stones tour, due to the very hard work the band put in for three decades, gathers moss. Grandparents tell their children and so on and so on. Thousands if not millions every year – wanting, yearning to attend a Stone concert to hear the songs for the very first time live. Eardrums losing their virginity to an inflatable penis long forgotten.

Diehard Stones’ fans do not like it yet – so diehard,  it just does not matter.

Within each planned concert set-list, lies the gems and the moments. The Keef – isms, the Bobby Keys’ Sax solos, the once – in- show moment when Jagger and Richards recoil to the two young boys meeting at the train station with Blues records in tow. The ‘Dead Flowers’, the ‘Emotional Rescues’ – the ( current old- now -new again) Mick Taylor riffs. Since the band first appeared in America in 1964, there is a fascination to see ‘the skinny guy with the big lips’ and his ‘scruffy’, unwashed  mates perform.

Every tour also contains the new songs. The tunes which – upon release, receive the ho – hum reception without the ‘glass of wine in hand’. The very same tunes which – once upon a time,  contained names like ‘Angie’, ‘When the Whip Comes Down’, ‘She’s So Cold’, ‘One Hit to the Body‘, ‘Terrifying’, ‘Love is Strong’ and ‘Saint of Me’. Ho-hums turned into ‘just more bullets’ in the Stones gigantic assault rifle. In 2013 – ‘Doom and Gloom’ and ‘One More Shot’ can now be added to the continuous war on the Justin Biebers of the world. A pair of songs which will somehow outlast the biggest hit a band like The Sheepdogs could ever shake from their soon – to- be dusty fur.

The Bell Center last night, rocked. The crowd rolled. The contingent containing the make – up of a family of Rock n Roll post – Pink Floyd picnickers – departed awestruck, pleased and ready to go back for more.

A feeling The Rolling Stones have left their fans with for fifty years. Fifty and Counting ….


Elvis Presley’s Rhythm Guitar Player; Dead at 67.

Rhythm guitar player John Wilkinson, who performed with Elvis Presley more than a thousand times, has died at his home in southwest Missouri. He was 67.

Wilkinson (Far Right)
Elvis and Wilkinson

Wilkinson passed away Friday at his home in Springfield after a fight with cancer, according to a family spokesman and the Gorman-Scharpf Funeral Home. Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley offered their “deepest sympathy” to his family, saying in a statement that “John and the beautiful music he made with Elvis will live forever in our hearts.”

Wilkinson first met Elvis Presley when he was 10 years old after sneaking into his dressing room before a show at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield. He amused Presley when he told him, “You can’t play guitar worth a damn.”

Family friend and spokesman Gary Ellison said a Springfield history museum recalled the pair’s meeting in an exhibit that ran until about three weeks ago.

“John loved to tell that story,” Ellison, a fellow musician, said Friday.

After the chance meeting, Wilkinson developed a name for himself as a singer and guitarist, performing with such groups as The New Christy Minstrels.

He was 23 when Presley saw him perform on a television show in Los Angeles in 1968, and asked him to join the TCB Band _ not knowing he was the youngster who insulted his playing a decade earlier, Ellison recalled.

Wilkinson went on to play 1,200 shows as Presley’s rhythm guitar player until the legendary singer’s death in 1977.


“John considered Elvis more as a friend than as a boss,” Ellison said.

Even after suffering a stroke in 1989 that left him unable to play the guitar, Wilkinson continued singing with fellow musicians, including the old TCB Band (the acronym stood for Taking Care of Business), and also made a living in retail and airline services management.

“He was honestly one of the best acoustic guitar players I’d ever heard,” Ellison recalled, adding that Wilkinson kept in touch with many of the performers from the folk music era in the late 1960s and early `70s.

A statement from the family, released through Ellison, said Wilkinson also was proud of the fact that he never turned down a request for an autograph.

“It didn’t matter if he was meeting adoring fans, joking with Chuck Berry about keeping his B-string in tune, or if he was talking to a neighbor about her dog, people were people to him,” the statement said.a

“Folks were folks. John would look you square in the eye and accept you, just as you were. There was nothing phony about him.”

He is survived by his wife, Terry. A private graveside service is planned.

Eighteen Year Old Keith Richards’ Letter to his Aunt

In April of 1962, 18-year-old Keith Richards wrote the following enthusiastic letter to his aunt, “Patty,” and described, amongst other things, an encounter some months previous that would ultimately change his life — the moment he met Mick Jagger for the first time since being childhood friends.

Three months after the letter was written, “The Rollin’ Stones” played their first gig at the Marquee Club in London. The rest is history.

(Source: Keith Richards’ autobiography, Life; Image: Keith Richards & Mick Jagger in 1963, via.)

6 Spielman Rd

Dear Pat,

So sorry not to have written before (I plead insane) in bluebottle voice. Exit right amid deafening applause.

I do hope you’re very well.

We have survived yet another glorious English Winter. I wonder which day Summer falls on this year?

aOh but my dear I have been soooo busy since Christmas beside working at school. You know I was keen on Chuck Berry and I thought I was the only fan for miles but one mornin’ on Dartford Stn. (that’s so I don’t have to write a long word like station) I was holding one of Chuck’s records when a guy I knew at primary school 7-11 yrs y’know came up to me. He’s got every record Chuck Berry ever made and all his mates have too, they are all rhythm and blues fans, real R&B I mean (not this Dinah Shore, Brook Benton crap) Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Chuck, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker all the Chicago bluesmen real lowdown stuff, marvelous. Bo Diddley he’s another great.

Anyways the guy on the station, he is called Mick Jagger and all mthe chicks and the boys meet every Saturday morning in the ‘Carousel’ some juke-joint well one morning in Jan I was walking past and decided to look him up. Everybody’s all over me I get invited to about 10 parties. Beside that Mick is the greatest R&B singer this side of the Atlantic and I don’t mean maybe. I play guitar (electric) Chuck style we got us a bass player and drummer and rhythm-guitar and we practice 2 or 3 nights a week. SWINGIN’.

Of course they’re all rolling in money and in massive detached houses, crazy, one’s even got a butler. I went round there with Mick (in the car of course Mick’s not mine of course) OH BOY ENGLISH IS IMPOSSIBLE.

“Can I get you anything, sir?”
“Vodka and lime, please”
“Certainly, sir”

aI really felt like a lord, nearly asked for my coronet when I left.

Everything here is just fine.

I just can’t lay off Chuck Berry though, I recently got an LP of his straight from Chess Records Chicago cost me less than an English record.

Of course we’ve still got the old Lags here y’know Cliff Richard, Adam Faith and 2 new shockers Shane Fenton and Jora Leyton SUCH CRAP YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD. Except for that greaseball Sinatra ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Still I don’t get bored anymore. This Saturday I am going to an all night party.

“I looked at my watch c
It was four-o-five
Man I didn’t know
If I was dead or alive”
Quote Chuck Berry
Reeling and a Rocking

12 galls of Beer Barrel of Cyder, 3 bottle Whiskey Wine. Her ma and pa gone away for the weekend I’ll twist myself till I drop (I’m glad to say).

The Saturday after Mick and I are taking 2 girls over to our favourite Rhythm & Blues club over in Ealing, Middlesex.

They got a guy on electric harmonica Cyril Davies fabulous always half drunk unshaven plays like a mad man, marvelous.

Well then I can’t think of anything else to bore you with, so I’ll sign off goodnight viewers


Keith xxxxx
Who else would write such bloody crap


Top Ten Christmas Songs

There are a lot of great Christmas songs. Whatever floats your boat …

Here are mine! Merry Christmas !

Father Christmas   The Kinks

Run Rudolph Run   Chuck Berry

Merry Xmas Baby   Bruce Springsteen

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree   Brenda Lee

Happy Christmas (War is Over)     John Lennon

The Christmas Blues  Bob Dylan

Merry Christmas ( I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight)  The Ramones

All I Want Styx

Please Come Home for Christmas   The Eagles

Christmas Blues   Canned Heat


Top Ten Things Keith Richards Will Probably Never Say

The human riff.

Keef. The original bad boy and guitarist who defined the behavior for five decades of rock n roll offspring …

He is a man’s man. He stays the course, remains true to his beliefs no matter the consequences. For this reason, here now are the Top Ten things Keith Richards will probably never say …

10. ‘Hey Mick! I love that matching sequined  hat and coat ensemble you wore on stage in ’72 – do you still have it and may I borrow it for a week?’

9. ‘Did you hear that new Justin Bieber song? Awesome isn’t it?”

8.”I think, starting tomorrow, I will jog ten miles a day!”

7. ‘If I have one regret, it would be the fact I chose the Stones in lieu of the Bee Gees!”

6. ‘I just got back from a Celine Dion concert …”

5. “I have just finished a tour! I am going to Disneyland!”

4. “Sure I’ll be a judge on American Idol!”

3. ” Take the drapes in the living room for example – they are a perfect balance of a satin-based feminine perspective of the Victorian period combined with a masculinity that  borders on a sensibility catered toward the Bourgeois of the late sixteenth century.” (okay – depending on the drugs he took – he may say that).

2. ” M.A.D.D asked me to be their poster boy! I said yes! I am so damn excited!”

and the number one thing Keith Richards will probably never say …?

1. Chuck Berry and I get along great!”


Top Ten Greatest Solo Artists

For every bunch of guitar – toting, ripped – jean wearing, bad – ass drum keepers and platinum blonde – haired  singers who called themselves a band; there were solitary men / women who crooned their way into the hearts of millions …

There are many talented singers who have been omitted from this list. James Brown and Michael Jackson to name two.This list is comprised of the most influentual individuals and the people responsible for the careers of the likes of Jackson, Brown and Janis Joplin.

Here are the top ten …

10. Little Richard

Glam rock did not commence with Gary Glitter. It started with ‘Good Golly Miss Molly’, Tutti Frutti’ and a pompadour which made wealthy women ‘ gold’ with envy. A rock n roll legend who was never given his due financially or musically. A foreshadow for James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elton John , Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson ….  Should we continue?


9. Long John Baldry.

The British grandfather of blues. The man who played an intregal part in the careers of Rod Stewart, Elton John, Mick Jagger ,Charlie Watts, Clapton etc etc. Not a hit maker, not a star – just one of the best teachers of all time and considered the first british man to perform the blues on stage.


8. Rod Stewart

A member of the faces and a true blues singer before branching out on a solo career which has spanned multiple genres and decades. Pop, rock, disco, blues up until his current standing as a crooner of American standards. A shameless chameleon, one of the most distinctive singers and performers to grace a stage. ‘Wake up Maggie’ – Mr. Stewart has something to say to you ..


7. Elton John

No other artist, solo artist – had the amount of songs and stage personas that Mr. John possessed in the 1970’s. Hard rockin’ ‘Bitches’ were front and center while ‘Daniel’ was everyone’s brother. Giant glasses, ‘mohair suits’ and ‘Tiny Dancers’. Elton John revitalized the soundtrack almost single – handily in the 90’s.


6. Eric Clapton

Considered by many as ‘ God ‘. A guitar playing one anyways … Aside from spectacular stints with Cream and the Yardbirds, Clapton carved the rock landscape with one song; Cocaine. ‘Tears in Heaven’ made the world forgive his pain while women continue to adore his romantic ‘ Wonderful Tonight’. Possibly the only white man to channel Elmore James and Robert Johnson directly and profoundly …


5. Elvis Presley

The ‘King of ( white ) Rock n Roll’ . One of the biggest selling artists of all time. The most influentual performer of the twentieth century and the first male sex symbol to grace a stage and movie screen. His one downfall – not a songwriter …


4. Tina Turner

Mick Jagger combined James Brown and Miss Turner to come up with his act. Turner made women everywhere realize they could be a star and not just a back-up singer. Surviving years of abuse at the hands of Ike – Tina became the most successful woman in rock, selling out stadiums well into her fifties. ‘What’s Love got to do with it …?’


3. Bob Dylan

Rock n roll’s, folk, the blues’ and country’s biggest poet. A genius who has sang everything and sang it …not so well. A conundrum yet responsible for ‘plugging in’ and taking folk music to a different level. Rock’s singular muse who is seemingly getting better with age … Anyone who is involved in music – holds Dylan in high esteem …


2. Muddy Waters

The first man to elecyrify not only the blues, audiences as well … His songs remain the cornerstone and building blocks for the elite of rock n roll royalty. ‘Mannish Boy’, ‘ You Shook Me’ and ‘I’m your Hoochie Coochie Man’ among many songs covered by anyone starting a rock n roll band ….The father of Chicago, Delta and Mississippi blues. The father of the Stones and Led Zeppelin.


1. Chuck Berry

Would rock n roll be the same today without Johnny B. Goode? Little Queenie or School Days? The St.Louis native combined the blues with a sound all his own and got people dancing. A showman who endured through racial profiling and greedy record executives. No Berry – no Keith Richards – no Rolling Stones. No Berry – no Lennon – no Beatles. Imagine a landscape without the three ?


The Rolling Stones’ First Setlist – July 12 1962 Marquee Club

Kansas City – Wilbert Harrison

Honey What’s Wrong – Billy Fury

Confessin’ The Blues – Chuck Berry

Bright Lights, Big CityJimmy Reed

Dust My BluesElmore James

Down The Road Apiece – Chuck Berry

I Want To Love You – Charles Smith

I’m A Hoochie Coochie ManMuddy Waters

Ride ‘Em On Down – Robert Johnson

Back In The USA – Chuck Berry

I Feel A Kind Of Lonesome – Jimmy Reed

Blues Before Sunrise – Elmore James

Big Boss Man – Jimmy Reed

Don’t Stay Out All Night – Billy Boy Arnold

Tell Me That You Love Me – Fats Domino

Happy Home – Elmore James


Elvis …

Elvis Aaron Presley


The man who started cool. The man who started sexy. The man who started all the above in the mainstream of modern music.

In a country where racism pushed the talented bluesmen to the rear of the music stage. People such as Muddy Waters, Elmore James and Robert Johnson. All – disallowed their rightful places on stage and in their bank accounts.


The forefathers of Rock n Roll …

Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis – all paving the way for a kid from Mississippi to gyrate his way through living room doors and into people’s hearts.

Elvis became the postman. A delivery man for the victims of racism. Consciencely or not – Presley not only carried the ‘negro music’ to the masses, he toted their movements as well. Making it easier for the once banned James Browns of the world to be accepted in the world of stardom.


For this reason, and only this reason – Elvis is the King of Rock n Roll.

A royal title cannot be placed on any one person’s head. There have been far too many cooks who have contributed to the ‘stew’ which is named Rock n Roll.

Chuck Berry alone wrote many songs, more than most – in the opening chapters of the rock Bible. Muddy Waters and Little Richard, contributors of the ten commandments of modern – day Boogie Woogie, heart pounding sexual and sensual sounds of rhythm.

On stage, Elvis was all of them. Onstage Elvis was white.

Racists could enjoy the music they heard and secretly enjoyed from the back porches of the South. Elvis delivered the black contents in a white envelope. Suddenly the ‘masters’ were entertained by the masters …

The Beatles, the Stones, Clapton and the Black Keys … all and everyone in between owe gratitude to Elvis Aaron Presley.

The King of breaking down Rock n Roll walls …


Me, You and Dupree

Is it me or does Kenny Dupree sound like Tom Jones …?

On the first track of his disc-‘ Going with the Flow’ he does. On the second song he does as well. Maybe it is Tom Jo … um, never mind …


Kenny Dupree, the oldest of a family of two brothers and a sister – is his own man. Originally of Park Extension, Kenny’s love of music started at the age of twelve. His first ‘ gig’ was at the age of eighteen.

“I was always singing in front of the mirror or the turntable.” Laughs Dupree. ” Then my high school buddy called me and I sang in his garage band. His band covered the Stones, Zeppelin … that kinda stuff. It was the music I grew up listening to. Kiss,Van Halen and the Who – the music of my generation.”

The forty – six year old Dorval resident also loved and appreciated the blues. Guys like Howlin’ Wolf, Elmore James and Muddy Waters were big influences yet none as big as Paul Rodgers from Bad Company. Songs such as Shooting Star, Feel like Makin’ Love and Can’t Get Enough – the foundations of Kenny, the singer.

Bad Company? Not for Dupree ...

“My first real gig was in 1984. I sang on stage at a Canada Day gig. The band’s name was Syrin. We weren’t paid but that started my foray into music and singing in bars.”

Dupree’s first paid gig was at the Beez Bar on Cartier Ave in Pte. Claire in 1987 – a popular spot in the West Island of Montreal along with the famous Maples Inn and Edgewater hotel. It was there, Kenny learned of his talent for singing the blues.

Stevie Ray Vaughn, Muddy Waters and
B.B King’s songs became part of Dupree’s vocabulary. A language which this blues guy parlayed into a twenty four year career of singing covers at festivals, corporate events and clubs . A job which, at this point of his life, is about to change …

“I decided now is the time to show what I got!” Says Dupree about his first ever c.d;’Going with the Flow.’ It was released on Nov. 30- 2011. Says Dupree; ” Next thing I know – it will be too late. Its now or never …!”


Kenny Dupree’s disc was recorded between an excursion out West to visit his brothers. Upon return, he realized the remaining part must be done quick as he had already booked a cd launch in the Ottawa / Hull region.

The disc was completed with some help from a few friends …

Veteran bass and session player in the Montreal music scene; Alec McElcheran, penned five of the twelve songs. Choosing those five was not easy according to Kenny.

“Alec writes and is talented in all genres. He had folk songs, blues songs, rock songs – all types which he had demos of. I had a very specific vision of what I wanted so I weeded through a whole bunch of tunes to find what I wanted.”

Of the McElcheran – inked songs, Dupree – when pressed, chooses his favourite to sing. ‘Don’t wake me too soon’ – a song which showcases Dupree’s harp playing. Something Kenny is starting to take more seriously as he ages.

” I’m a self – taught harmonica player and it was always part of playing the blues. It is progressing more and more …”


‘Don’t wake me too soon’is a moderately slow blues tune which also displays Alec’s slide guitar. A coimplement to Dupree’s natural blues – driven voice. The song is second however to McElcheran’s catchiest song; Spare Change. A song which Dupree concurs is a favourite when playing live.

‘Spare Change’ is a funky blues number which attracts the listener’s attention. The feet tap along to the lyrics. Words which ring in the conscience long after the song has finished.

Guitarist Rami Cassab, also a member of Carolyn Fe’s band provides an edgy sound to ‘Baby put her foot down’ – another McElcheran song. A rockin’ blues number that is reminiscent of the golden age of Chuck Berry. The Faces can be heard in Cassab’s riffs and Dupree is at home driving this fast paced blues car to the edge.

The nicest surprise on the album which was recorded at Circle Sound Studio in Pierrefonds,Qc. – is Hubbie Ledbetter’s Black Betty. Instead of Ramjam’s manic, all-out rendition, Kenny handclaps and blows his harp in old- fashioned style. Grab an old rockin’ chair and sit down on the porch. The wheat is blowing, the crickets are chirpin’ and Mr. Dupree is proving his place among the blues greats.


‘Sleepin’ on the sidewalk’, a song written by Brian May of Queen is a standard blues song which, for the first time, allows the Paul Rodgers influence to shine. Dupree has a great time singing this one and his twenty years experience is apparent.

Cliff Stevens, a guitarist who does an Eric Clapton tribute show – wrote and performs on the song; ‘Don’t do me no more’. A tune which could be from any number of Clapton’s albums. A country feel carries the rhythm and allows Cliff to demonstrate his love of ‘slowhand’.

‘Getaway Car’, another McElcheran song – is a throwaway song. A blues song which appears as a filler. Kenny’s voice, superb as ever yet the song lacks of passion and desire. Listening is like making love to a drunk woman – it’s satisfying yet not much fUN …

Tom Jones is back and how !

‘Monkey on my Back’ is right there with ‘Spare Change’ as the best on the disc. Dupree lets loose on this upbeat Cassab driven rocker written by Jim Labos and Gail Gilligan. Kenny effortlessly belts out the lyrics; ‘who needs a monkey on their back?’ Nobody unless that monkey’s name is Dupree and you want to be entertained all day.

Terence Trent Darby’s ‘ Seven more days’ and Elmore James’ ‘ Dust my Broom’ conclude Kenny’s disc as the tireless blues singer pays hommage to the pair of artists.

Dupree has soul. The voice of an old soul. A voice on record which does not do him justice. If a live listening is happened upon, grab it. Kenny will make the men’s socks drop while inducing the ladies to toss their panties …

Just like Tom Jones.


Kenny hosts a jam at Smoke Meat Pete once a week. Friday the 17th of August is the next one. He is also playing at Bistro a Jo Jo on Tuesday the 21st with Cliff Stevens.

Check out Kenny’s website …

I Think I Busted a Button on my Trousers … I hope they don’t fall down; Part Three

Meredith Hunter – the kid who was stabbed to death at the Stones’ Altamont concert, the pied pipes from Morocco, the numerous drug busts, the backlash from woman’s groups, Elmore James, Howlin ‘ Wolf, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Tina Turner, Maggie Trudeau and even Roy Rogers – all took the stage with the Stones in one form or another …


It was the very first stadium tour. It was the very first corporate – sponsored tour. The Stones about to rake in the money after being raked over the coals by then managerAllan Klein in the late sixties to early seventies. The band not about to end up on the short end of the paintbrush at Decca studios.

Aerosmith, Z.Z Top, Van Halen, Journey, Foreigner, Thorogood, Prince and many of the biggest names in rock – opening for the last of the British Invasion bands operating in full. Balloons, multi – nation capes and Jagger on center stage in football attire . The ultimate frontman – preaching to his disciples by the thousands.


The tours now legendary.

1972 and 1975. Sex and sex and sex and sex- left the majority of the U.S in tatters. Go ahead, find the Big Apple – don’ t mind the Stones …

Stevie Wonder, the entree to a Stones’ dinner complete with side orders of Billy Preston and Ollie Brown on the 72 tour. Funky rock n roll providing Mick with a dancefloor painted with the roots of Africa. If the Stones couldn’t rock you – nobody could. If the Stones couldn’t rock you – you did not deserve to rock.


If a band toured it was a tour. If the Stones toured – it was an event. A three- ringed circus complete with elephants, rooftop television tosses and planes equipped with giant tongues. A Rolling Stones‘ Rock n Roll circus with Jagger as the demonic ringmaster. ‘Raise a glass to the salt of the earth …’

In the words of Richards’; ” I don’t have a problem with drugs – I have a problem with police …”

In front of a backdrop of pastel drawn cars, guitars and magnificent colors – 81′ re – introduced Richards and company to a new generation.

Old Standby’s ‘Under my Thumb, Lets Spend the Night Together and ‘Ruby Tuesday’ providing insight to ‘ Black Limousine‘, ‘Little T and A’ and ‘Neighbors’. Time was on the Stones’ side – time waited for the Stones. A ‘fortune teller’ not required to foresee a future for these men performing ‘2000 light years’ from their roots.

‘It’ s just that demon life that’s got you in its SWAY …’