Rick Keene Music Scene – Anthony Gomes; Giving Back Through Music and Actions !

The Blues will get ya all the time !

Singer / songwriter and guitarist Anthony Gomes had a revelation at Sam the Record Man in Toronto. The Blues got him and got him bad …

Fast forward to 2017 and The Blues world would not be the same. Combining all elements of The Blues, Anthony is a true scholar of the music which ‘heals’. A lesson Anthony learned from life experience. 

Please listen below as Anthony educates us on The Blues and provides examples of what happens when a student ‘listens’. 

Stay tuned for Part Two – Anthony explains his involvement in an upcoming Montreal gig that gives back to a mental health establishment. Something that is dear to Gomes’ own heart !

Anthony? What’s up?


Visit Anthony Here !

Correction – Anthony will not be part of Jazz Festival. Apologies.

Click Here for the May 25th Show !



Visit The Zombies here !

The Zombies will be in Montreal April 1st ! 

Buy Tickets Here ! 





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