Two Filmmakers from Montreal Need Your Help to Make Musical History

Marc  Manseau and Helgi Piccinin need your help.

Bernard Purdie
Bernard Purdie

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The two filmmakers are making a documentary of the World’s Most Recorded Drummer. Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie has recorded with Aretha Franklin, James Brown, the Rolling Stones and Miles Davis.

That’s just a few …

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Jarrett Lobley Project Click Here !
Jarrett Lobley Project
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Joe Louis Walker Knows The Blues Part Two

Joe Louis Walker is the biggest fan of The Rolling Stones and his opinion is not just biased. It is educated and he wants everyone to also educate themselves before they walk around judging the greatest Rock n Roll band in the world …


“You are seeing a part of history!” Says Walker. ” Just go by the T.A.M.I show when the Stones had to close the show after James Brown and they brought the house down. Just watch ‘Charlie My Darlin’ – go see ‘Shine a Light‘ … where do you think Guns and Roses, Aerosmith and everyone else came from …? The Beatles educated everyone but put it like this; if a fourteen year old kid is sitting in a room with a guitar … what’s he gonna play? Michelle by The Beatles or any Stones song?  Then you can go to Bo Diddley and move on from there ….”

Walker has backed Bo Diddley ‘live’ and in the studio. Joe has also backed up and played with everyone who matters in the Blues and R and B scene.

Bonnie RaittBuddy GuyTaj MahalClarence “Gatemouth” BrownOtis RushScotty MooreRobert Lockwood, Jr.Matt “Guitar” MurphySteve Cropper,Tower Of Power, and Ike Turner. Legends. Men and women who inspired and taught him to be the player he is today …

“I love Bo …” Explains Walker. ” Yo had to love Bo, He was totally unique. That was the beauty of it – most music that is popular is ether unique or simple. Bo had both those elements and he remained unique to the day he died. He was simple and I know I mentioned it before but it is about simplicity. The Beatles and Stones and guys like Bo – man if they could not play a song on an acoustic guitar – they didn’t record it …”


Joe Louis Walker starting playing guitar at the age of eight …

He was born in San Francisco and came from a musical family. His earliest musical influences were T-Bone WalkerB.B. KingMeade Lux LewisAmos Milburn, and Pete Johnson. By the time he hit his mid-teens – Walker was well known in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. His musical influences grew …

“One of the first shows I saw was Little Richard.” Says Walker. ” It was at The Filmore auditorium. I went to Junior High School about a half a block from there. That was when it was an all black neighborhood. It was like Harlem before the hippies got there. Little Richard was doing his Gospel show in 1964 and  I brought my Grandma there for Easter Sunday. Little Richard had Jimi Hendrix playing guitar for him.”

He goes on …

jjoel” Then I saw the ‘ real’  Temptations there and guys like James Brown … Everyone came there – it was like our Apollo Theater. I was also there for all the hippie shows too. We used to have our battle of the bands there and that’s when I got to know Bill Graham and Mike Bloomfield. I lived right around the corner from Jerry Garcia and as a matter of fact – one of my first bass players was Jerry’s guitar tech. I loved Pigpen because all these guys were right into the Blues. Janis and her group –  John Cipollina from the Quick Messenger service … then I got to know the Funk guys. Sly ( Stone), Tower of Power … it was a great musical education. I was the young guy at the time …”

Wilson PickettJames BrownBobby Womack and Otis Redding all became part of his catalog – his arsenal of R and B and Blues. Walker then began his ‘playing education’. Taking the stage with  John Lee HookerJ.J. MaloneBuddy Miles,  Thelonious Monk, The Soul Stirrers, Willie Dixon,Charlie MusselwhiteSteve MillerNick LoweJohn MayallEarl HookerMuddy Waters, and Jimi Hendrix. It was a time when the airwaves were changing and by getting to know so many different performers – Walker learned an important lesson …

“I think – for me, not blowing my own horn – it kept it interesting for me to get to know so many different players and genres.” Says Walker.” I remember John Fogerty coming to the Fantasy studios – we were trying to write songs. That was before Credence Clearwater, when they were The Golliwogs. We were trying to get in the music business, We had stars in our eyes and that was before Fm radio. That was when songs were three minutes long until Bob Dylan came up with ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ at six minutes. That changed the industry. Now – it has come full circle and you can’t get airplay unless it is under three minutes …”


Joe Louis Walker is in Montreal on Friday at L’Astral

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Jon Spencer; A Blues Explosion …

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion does not have an average audience. Funny thing. Jon Spencer likes it that way …

” A lot of arsonists and people with assault charges …” Explains Jon. “Nothing serious though, no murderers or anything like that. Well – maybe not … ”

jon5Jon’s band have been around for twenty years. Long enough for the band to be comfortable with not only themselves – their somewhat colorful audience. Spencer and his ‘dynamite’ mates are in the midst of a tour which saw them play at Le Festival D’Ete in Quebec City last month. The band are touring in support of their new album; Meat and Bone.

” We wrote most of the tracks in 2011 and it was completed in 2012.” Explains Spencer. ” We were happy the way the album turned out but when you are making a baby – you never know what color hair it will have! We have toured all over for the album;  Japan – all over Europe and watching the audience react is the true test to the new songs. When you see people bopping their heads and they have big smiles, you then realize you have done something good.”

ababThe Jon Spencer Blues Explosion consists of three members and are based in New York City. Judah Bauer is on bass guitar, backing vocals, harmonica and occasional lead vocals, Russell Simins batters the skins  and Jon Spencer sings and plays guitar. They are a mixture of many things. Some say Alternative, others call them Punk. Truly those  elements exist yet their roots are based in Rock n Roll and Blues. A definite trio that march to their own beat …

‘We are old men now …” Laughs Jon. ” Really we have not changed too much since the beginning. We love the Blues and try to stick with it. It’s all in the way you carry yourself. You cannot carry on like a teenager on stage or off.  You grow up but remain young. The attitude remains the same.”

Spencer’s youth consisted of various musical and diverse acts. The Stooges, Otis Redding, Devo, Kraftwerk , The Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart and  James Brown to name a few.The band has also recorded with Elliott Smith, Beck, Solomon Burke, Steve Albini, Martina Topley-Bird and Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys. Quite the melting pot for a stew which seems to have stood the test of time and remains tasteful.

“I really took all genres and implemented them into the Blues Explosion. After twenty years, I consider myself fortunate enough to to be able to do this and to have a following of people. Our audience consists of a lot of woman over forty and ex – cons. To come to our concerts, expect a lot of metal detectors and pat-downs. It certainly is not like Woodstock.”

jon4Although Spencer and his mates tote a cast of unsavory characters around – the band itself cares very much of the world around them. The song; ‘Black Mold’ from the new album, is about Hurricane Irene and it’s devastating effects.

“The tune …” Explains Jon. “Was originally penned about records getting destroyed in cardboard boxes. Ironically, a year later, Hurricane Sandy hit which was far more devastating. The song also helped to raise funds for the victims of New York and the band has and continues to donate monies for the victims of tragedies such as Irene among many others.”

Spencer is also an advocate of ‘the tragedy of the music business’ and ensures people do not cheat the system by downloading stuff for free. He is very vocal when it comes to convincing people to buy CD’s at concerts and to support the ‘good’ acts that are not necessarily on the radio. Something which – according to Spencer, has not changed since his band commenced in 1991 and when he was a kid growing up …

jon4” I come from New Hampshire and I listened to the local Fm station as well as any station I could get. There was a lot of crap on the radio back then as there is now. Money buys airplay and it has always been that way. It is the small guys who may get that one song on the radio, they are the ones who need support. The internet is good and bad. You can search for what you like but then again – a lot of new bands get recognition but do not make money. If you find something or someone you like – buy their stuff. Do not make the deejays of corporate stations rich along with the bands who are also rich. ‘Bag of Bones‘ , the title track from our new album is about that topic …”

All of the songs are written by the band and remain a joint effort. A universal feel betweenjon spencer the members. They will listen to ‘the trends’ but if a song does not feel right, it is dismissed quite quickly. A common denominator throughout the band’s eight album discography.

Another  common denominator is controversy including a ‘hoax’ where Tom Waits was said to have replaced Spencer in the band. A joke placed on the website just to see if the ‘mainstream’ media would ‘pick up’ the story.

A common denominator like the ‘not average’ audience that follow The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion around.

Jon likes it that way …

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Elvis …

Elvis Aaron Presley


The man who started cool. The man who started sexy. The man who started all the above in the mainstream of modern music.

In a country where racism pushed the talented bluesmen to the rear of the music stage. People such as Muddy Waters, Elmore James and Robert Johnson. All – disallowed their rightful places on stage and in their bank accounts.


The forefathers of Rock n Roll …

Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis – all paving the way for a kid from Mississippi to gyrate his way through living room doors and into people’s hearts.

Elvis became the postman. A delivery man for the victims of racism. Consciencely or not – Presley not only carried the ‘negro music’ to the masses, he toted their movements as well. Making it easier for the once banned James Browns of the world to be accepted in the world of stardom.


For this reason, and only this reason – Elvis is the King of Rock n Roll.

A royal title cannot be placed on any one person’s head. There have been far too many cooks who have contributed to the ‘stew’ which is named Rock n Roll.

Chuck Berry alone wrote many songs, more than most – in the opening chapters of the rock Bible. Muddy Waters and Little Richard, contributors of the ten commandments of modern – day Boogie Woogie, heart pounding sexual and sensual sounds of rhythm.

On stage, Elvis was all of them. Onstage Elvis was white.

Racists could enjoy the music they heard and secretly enjoyed from the back porches of the South. Elvis delivered the black contents in a white envelope. Suddenly the ‘masters’ were entertained by the masters …

The Beatles, the Stones, Clapton and the Black Keys … all and everyone in between owe gratitude to Elvis Aaron Presley.

The King of breaking down Rock n Roll walls …


What’s Rick Listening To …

Once in a while, I will keep you posted on the tunes I am listening to.

Ten songs will be reviewed. Tunes randomly selected. Here they are;

1. James Brown – Mind Power

A funky,  slower version of sex machine. Brown is an a lower state of mind on this one. No screaming, no vintage Brown ad – libs. A beat sustains a rap. Yes – rap commenced a while back … A good tune to play in the background. An introduction to what James would have in store for the future. His background singers primed to jump ‘ into the hot tub’.

2. Luther Vandross – Always and Forever

Mr. Vandross is in fine ‘ ladies man’ mode on this soft r and b classic.  The song has been covered by many – none bring the softness and meaning Luther brings with him.

3. Better Than Ezra – Good

The 90’s alternative band bring a catchy bass line to a pre – Green Day era. BTE bring a modern day Kinks sound to a new generation of punk wannabe kids. The type of kids who wannabe bad but their parents won’t let them.

4. Radiohead – Karma Police

Everytime Radiohead graces my headphones, I cannot help think of the movie ‘ Donnie Darko’. A melancholy view of the world as the boys do what they do best; make one think. ‘ I lost myself’ listening to this song as many do …

5. The Commodores – Easy

It’s ‘easy’ to see where Lionel Richie was headed if he decided to go solo – which as we know, he did. This classic pre, during and post – lovemaking song should be played when a peaceful easy feeling is required. You can’t help but sing or hum along …

6. FLO RIDA ( feat. Sia) – Wild Ones

Beautiful piano opens up this song. An upbeat hip – hop song that makes you wanna dance. Sia’s voice adds a pillowy edge to tune which lands and takes off numerous times. A good edition to a playlist.

7. The Marshall Tucker Band – Fire on a Mountain

Pedal steel guitar accompagnies this typical country song from country icons. Whiskey and a fire on the mountain? Both extinguished by a pleasant flute. Oh ya – a widow is involved in this catchy country tune as well …

8. Cake – Palm of your Hand

What a nice song complete with a Hammond B-3 organ. You will be singing along in no time to this ditty. Toes a tappin’ in no time flat. Too bad its not long but you can rewind pretty quick …

9. Lady GaGa – Marry the Night

Say what you want – this girl has a voice! This tune starts off with Gaga playing the piano and showcasing her powerful chops. It quickly evolves into something which should be ended quickly. Its catchy enough if Techno is your style. A blend of noise …

10. The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

The tune rocks!  Hard bass, raunchy guitars and a quick beat followed by catchy lyrics. The way rock was meant to be played. Allan Freed is smiling somewhere …