Joe Louis Walker Knows The Blues Part Two

Joe Louis Walker is the biggest fan of The Rolling Stones and his opinion is not just biased. It is educated and he wants everyone to also educate themselves before they walk around judging the greatest Rock n Roll band in the world …


“You are seeing a part of history!” Says Walker. ” Just go by the T.A.M.I show when the Stones had to close the show after James Brown and they brought the house down. Just watch ‘Charlie My Darlin’ – go see ‘Shine a Light‘ … where do you think Guns and Roses, Aerosmith and everyone else came from …? The Beatles educated everyone but put it like this; if a fourteen year old kid is sitting in a room with a guitar … what’s he gonna play? Michelle by The Beatles or any Stones song?  Then you can go to Bo Diddley and move on from there ….”

Walker has backed Bo Diddley ‘live’ and in the studio. Joe has also backed up and played with everyone who matters in the Blues and R and B scene.

Bonnie RaittBuddy GuyTaj MahalClarence “Gatemouth” BrownOtis RushScotty MooreRobert Lockwood, Jr.Matt “Guitar” MurphySteve Cropper,Tower Of Power, and Ike Turner. Legends. Men and women who inspired and taught him to be the player he is today …

“I love Bo …” Explains Walker. ” Yo had to love Bo, He was totally unique. That was the beauty of it – most music that is popular is ether unique or simple. Bo had both those elements and he remained unique to the day he died. He was simple and I know I mentioned it before but it is about simplicity. The Beatles and Stones and guys like Bo – man if they could not play a song on an acoustic guitar – they didn’t record it …”


Joe Louis Walker starting playing guitar at the age of eight …

He was born in San Francisco and came from a musical family. His earliest musical influences were T-Bone WalkerB.B. KingMeade Lux LewisAmos Milburn, and Pete Johnson. By the time he hit his mid-teens – Walker was well known in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. His musical influences grew …

“One of the first shows I saw was Little Richard.” Says Walker. ” It was at The Filmore auditorium. I went to Junior High School about a half a block from there. That was when it was an all black neighborhood. It was like Harlem before the hippies got there. Little Richard was doing his Gospel show in 1964 and  I brought my Grandma there for Easter Sunday. Little Richard had Jimi Hendrix playing guitar for him.”

He goes on …

jjoel” Then I saw the ‘ real’  Temptations there and guys like James Brown … Everyone came there – it was like our Apollo Theater. I was also there for all the hippie shows too. We used to have our battle of the bands there and that’s when I got to know Bill Graham and Mike Bloomfield. I lived right around the corner from Jerry Garcia and as a matter of fact – one of my first bass players was Jerry’s guitar tech. I loved Pigpen because all these guys were right into the Blues. Janis and her group –  John Cipollina from the Quick Messenger service … then I got to know the Funk guys. Sly ( Stone), Tower of Power … it was a great musical education. I was the young guy at the time …”

Wilson PickettJames BrownBobby Womack and Otis Redding all became part of his catalog – his arsenal of R and B and Blues. Walker then began his ‘playing education’. Taking the stage with  John Lee HookerJ.J. MaloneBuddy Miles,  Thelonious Monk, The Soul Stirrers, Willie Dixon,Charlie MusselwhiteSteve MillerNick LoweJohn MayallEarl HookerMuddy Waters, and Jimi Hendrix. It was a time when the airwaves were changing and by getting to know so many different performers – Walker learned an important lesson …

“I think – for me, not blowing my own horn – it kept it interesting for me to get to know so many different players and genres.” Says Walker.” I remember John Fogerty coming to the Fantasy studios – we were trying to write songs. That was before Credence Clearwater, when they were The Golliwogs. We were trying to get in the music business, We had stars in our eyes and that was before Fm radio. That was when songs were three minutes long until Bob Dylan came up with ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ at six minutes. That changed the industry. Now – it has come full circle and you can’t get airplay unless it is under three minutes …”


Joe Louis Walker is in Montreal on Friday at L’Astral

Ticket Information and Details Here!

Visit Joe’s Site Here!

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