Rick Keene Music Scene – Get Off The Couch and See Some Shows! Won’t ya?

Don’t be left all alone at home. 

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There are always plenty of live shows in and around Montreal. Singers, songwriters and musicians who write their own music and scrape by because the cost of making their music accessible to the public – not very cheap. 

Original artists need your help. Not cover bands who have full time jobs and play music as a hobby. Original artists who you can see live for the same cost as a cover band. Original artists are the future of music. Don’t live in the past. 

Please listen below to some of the shows coming in and around Montreal in the near future.

Thanks for listening! Talk soon !









Girls ! Girls ! Girls !

There is a famous song about girls.

Francesca Blanchard
  Francesca Blanchard

Ok – so there are over 14 Billion songs written about girls. Who’s counting?

In recent times, women (the ‘weaker’ sex?) have risen high above men in many musical genres. Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Soul and even – Rap and Hip Hop.

Unlike the days of old. Many talented ladies would rot away in an underground bar somewhere or be subjected to abuse at the hands of ‘the non – weaker sex’.

 2015 sees women on top!

(In music that is …)



Please have a listen below to just a few of the very talented ladies who walk among us …

Singing and other cool stuff !


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Moon Turns a ‘Monkey Junk’ Kinda Red .​.​.

The Ottawa-based band Monkey Junk have won a lot of awards. Their mantles, filled with Maple Blues Awards in every category.


The band stays true to their roots and does not allow success to interfere with the music. This fact is present in their new release ‘Moon Turn Red’.



Please listen below to my chat with Steve Marriner of Monkey Junk. Discover the thought process within the swampiest, bluesiest band in Canada !

Steve ?



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Steve Marriner; Monkeys Don’t Talk Junk!

Imagine …!

Three albums into a new career and your band is nominated for six Maple Blues Awards. Amazing stuff for a trio out of Ottawa, Canada.

Imagine winning five awards out of the six nominations. Incredible and just plain mind-altering. For Monkey Junk – an imagination is not needed. The six nominations and five wins are very much reality for the boys who carry on the tradition of The Blues.

‘All Frequencies’ – their third album is a revelation.

Seldom does an album jump out with so much freshness. Especially when it is embedded in a Blues frame which can be structured to the point of a very bad S & M scene in a film noir gone bad.

‘All Frequencies’ is that good while maintaining the bad which is good within a Bluesy culture decorated with clumps of swampy moss.

Please, have a listen to Steve Marriner of the band Monkey Junk. Possibly the best damn band to come out of the history of the Blues since The Black Crowes‘ initial boogie laced offering; ‘Shake Your Moneymaker’ in 1990.

Steve …?

Monkey Junk are here!