Ask Dave the Bartender; Episode Ten

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Pat Metheny; Returning to his Montreal ‘Roots’

It’s been coming for a while …

The occasion when Montrealers can reflect on a career in Jazz. Not a career from a local boy such as Oscar Peterson or Dr. Oliver Jones, a career which harks back  to the beginnings of the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

The career of Pat Metheny.

Twenty Grammy Awards later – Kansas -born Metheny is returning to Montreal on the 13th November in what could very well be labelled a homecoming.

Not since hockey great Guy Lafleur’s return in the colors of the New York Rangers, has an anticipation of a ‘prodigal son’ returning home been – well, so highly anticipated …

Please listen as Pat talks of his new album Kin and his love of the city which gave him a boost. A boost unlike any other in his musical voyage.

Mr. Metheny?

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