Pat Metheny; Returning to his Montreal ‘Roots’

It’s been coming for a while …

The occasion when Montrealers can reflect on a career in Jazz. Not a career from a local boy such as Oscar Peterson or Dr. Oliver Jones, a career which harks back  to the beginnings of the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

The career of Pat Metheny.

Twenty Grammy Awards later – Kansas -born Metheny is returning to Montreal on the 13th November in what could very well be labelled a homecoming.

Not since hockey great Guy Lafleur’s return in the colors of the New York Rangers, has an anticipation of a ‘prodigal son’ returning home been – well, so highly anticipated …

Please listen as Pat talks of his new album Kin and his love of the city which gave him a boost. A boost unlike any other in his musical voyage.

Mr. Metheny?

Visit Pat Here and Buy Tickets!

Visit the Montreal International Jazz Festival Official Site Here!


Buy Tickets Here!
Buy Tickets Here!





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