Rick Keene Music Scene – Tunes to Make Your Day

Music …  It cures and soothes. Make sure you buy it and not get it for free. Don’t live in the past and support new music. Where would we be right now if nobody supported The Beatles, Stones and everyone who came after? Please listen below to some great tunes by various artists. Support singers […]

The League of Rock Montreal – Final Showcase, Studio Tracks and A Wrap Up with CEO Gary Johnston. Part Two

 The League of Rock Montreal is nearing the finish line in its inaugural session. It has been an interesting journey.  Four bands created from nothing. Rising from personal prowess to functioning Rock n Roll bands. Operating at high speeds as they cruise the landscape of music in Montreal. Along the way – gathering information from […]

Kensico – Still Exploring …

Travelling and exploring. That is what many musicians do. Kensico is one of those musicians. Originally from France, Kensico makes her home in Montreal. That is when she is home and not touring and discovering different forms of music. Please listen below as Kensico speaks of her career since the release of her album; White […]

Jonas’ Massive November 25th Christmas Party!

Jonas Tomalty was not the best behaved high school student. Having a Father as a teacher kept things interesting. Having a Father in his own high school made things trickier. Add all this to the fact his Mom was a guidance councilor, well – it’s no wonder Jonas became a Rock n Roll rebel … […]

The Stones Have The Blues – Part One.

  Legend has it … Robert Johnson sold his soul at The Crossroads to the Devil in exchange for Blues superiority.  As time goes on, it appears someone else sold their souls and the Devil must have gotten a hell of a lot in return. The Rolling Stones, created and led by Brian Jones – […]