Rick Keene Music Scene – Brian Greenway Talks April Wine’s 50th Anniversary and Rock for Dimes

I like to Rock …

Brian Greenway joined April Wine during the summer of 1977. Right before the band reached enormous success internationally. The album Nature of The Beast put the band into places they had never been before, although before was nothing to sneeze at.

The new guy – Greenway is still touring with April Wine as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary . Not bad for the second longest member of April Wine and a forklift driver?

Please listen below to my chat with Brian. Hear April Wine tales and information about Rock for Dimes

Rock for Dimes

April Wine

Smoke Meat Pete Music

Rick Keene Music Scene – Remembering, Discovering and Being Thankful

A moment of silence please.

On this day we honor those who have served our Country and all those whose lives have been affected, what better time to celebrate our freedom and those Canadians who create from it?

Have a listen below to some new Canadian Tracks and some concert information. Thanks for listening !

Smoke Meat Pete Music Here

Rock for Dimes Here

Rock for Dimes Montreal Raises $40,000 Plus !

Montrealers love their music …

How else can an explanation be given for the generous outpouring of love and money last evening at The Virgin Mobile Corona Theater.

unnamed (14)

The eight annual Rock for Dimes took place. An event which places  corporate bands against one another to ultimately decide a winning crown. A gilded topping. A notch in the music belt …

However, it is not the bands which win. The real winners are the receivers of the generosity and hard work of March of Dimes Canada. An organization which allocates funds to many categories of people in need.

Nobody’s Business won as the best band of the evening. All the bands put on a great show !

unnamed (12)

Last night, over $40,000  was raised to help the organization carry on their tradition of helping the less fortunate. Thank you Montreal. Thanks to all the musicians and …

Thank you March of Dimes!



Video courtesy of Max Pellerin

Photos by Richard Tremblay Photography


Stay Tuned for more great photos !


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Rock for Dimes Montreal; Raising Eyebrows and Money for Great Causes!

Rock for Dimes Montreal is entering it’s eight year. By the amount of money raised so far – it would appear to be in it’s 20th incarnation.

A lot of money raised in a short time means two things; Montrealers are generous and Montrealers love to Rock n Roll!

Jerry Mercer
Jerry Mercer – April Wine

Rock for Dimes is a charity evening which places ‘cover’ bands in direct competition with one another. In a friendly way – of course. The winners get to gloat for one year until they return to defend their crowns and pride.

A year long reign as the Kings of Rock n’ Roll!

Please listen below as Marc Dore; the chairman for Rock of Dimes Montreal – explains everything involved for the evening. He speaks of the origins of the March of Dimes and how Brett ( The Hit Man) Hart and William Shatner are involved …

Marc? Rock me Baby …

Visit March of Dimes Here !

*Please note Jerry Mercer of April Wine is not appearing.


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