Rick Keene Music Scene – Music To Do The Sunday Crossword Puzzle

What to do on a Sunday?

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Open the curtains, make a cup of coffee, grab the paper and do the Sunday Crossword Puzzle.

It is – a no brainer!

Oh – don’t forget to listen to some great tunes! Right here on Rick Keene Music Scene !

Thanks !

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What’s Happening with Jazz All Year Round Series and in Montreal !

As usual …

Lots coming in Montreal !

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The Jazz All Year Round Series is in full flight, Evenko has their usual fine acts and the Holiday season approaches with concerts, shows and fund raising efforts.

Please listen below to some of the upcoming events, some great tunes and information to help the less fortunate and the sick.

Thanks for listening! Talk soon …


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Reggae ‘Superstar in Waiting’ Rocky Dawuni ‘Kills’ Montreal !

Bob Marley would be proud


Over the years, many Reggae ( Marley) – influenced singers and musicians have come and gone. Some, like Peter Tosh, have had successful careers cut tragically short. Most, have a few hits (or none) and fade into obscurity.

Ghana native Rocky Dawuni does not fit into the above category.


Dawuni has that ‘ je ne sais quoi …’ . That something special which separates the Adeles of the world from the rest of the female singers. Rocky Dawuni is … that special. 

Dawuni was in Montreal last week as part of the Mundial Montreal Festival supporting his 2015 brilliant album;  ‘Branches from the Same Tree’. His concert at Petit Campus a reflection of the energy which is so eloquently produced within this landmark album.


Smiles and infectious grooves via a delicous and contagious melange of Afro-roots and reggae-based melodies were omnipresent at his very first ‘historic’ Montreal appearance. The ‘poet’ from Ghana, a prancing preacher relaying his wisdom with fiery energy and conviction into a capacity audience filled with bright eyes.

Dawuni is a natural born showman with timely messages for the world within the tunes of a Saint. Dawuni combined these rare talents within each song. He climbed the peak of Mont Royal and sent his vibes brilliantly over the valleys of the pilgrims.


Dawuni’s backing band, are Rocky’s ‘tribe’. The foot soldiers for a General. Tight, rhythmic – ‘on edge’.

Drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards echoed his latest single ‘African Thriller’ ( part of Branches from the Same Tree) with a influence of African music, traditional music, reggae and eclectic global sounds. Blues, Country-Blues, Rock and roll and everything in between fused together to sculpt a show-stopping tune high in ‘Highlife’  – a genre that originated in Ghana.

Dawuni  is involved with UNICEF, the UN Global Fund and other organizations, and has been named one of Africa’s Top 10 global stars.

All this keeps his lyrics fresh, poignant and cutting edge.

 Dawuni splits his time between the U.S. and Ghana and visits Rwanda, twenty years after the genocide there killed up to a million people. As a guest of the Kigali genocide museum, Rwanda’s ministry of culture, and the NGO Aegis Trust (which promotes post-genocide peace building), Dawuni delivers messages of peace in reality and through his music. In Montreal, that peaceful vibe was present within the most piercing guitar solo or ‘angry’ lyric.

Dawuni displayed urgency, thoughtfulness and humanity at Petit Campus. Empowerment and positivity, knowledge rather than ‘lyrics’.

Now – it’s time for the rest of the world to listen to Rocky Dawuni also !

Listen then sing along. It’s a human thing.


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Bands for Baskets and A Magical Musical Evening to Combat Prostate Cancer

 Have you ever starved at Christmas?


Most people in the West Island receive over a thousand dollars in presents at Christmas in the form of jewelry, gifts and trips. Most people in the West Island don’t realize that over a thousand food baskets are given out at Christmas.

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Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect Canadian men. One in eight men will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime.

Prostate cancer is a disease where some prostate cells have lost normal control of growth and division. They no longer function as healthy cells.

A cancerous prostate cell has the following features:
•    Uncontrolled growth
•    Abnormal structure
•    The ability to move to other parts of the body (invasiveness).

It is important to note that not all clusters of cells growing in a mass are cancerous, and that a prostate with an irregular shape is not necessarily cancerous either. It is advisable to ask your doctor what it may be.

Prostate cancer can be slow-growing and some men who develop prostate cancer may live many years without ever having the cancer detected. It is important to get screened regularly so that if you do develop prostate cancer, the appropriate action can be taken. A significant proportion of prostate cancers, if untreated, may have serious consequences.

Please listen below to a pair of very important fundraisers for two growing concerns in Montreal and Canada.


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Ask Dave the Bartender – What does Randy Rhoads’ Mom and Michael Jackson Have in Common?

It is not easy being married. Ask any bartender !

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Dave … the Bartender, has heard everything. Drunken confessions, slurred slander and lies and innuendo. All from his Mom !

Please listen below as Dave the Bartender answers your musical questions.



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Steve Hackett – The ‘Genesis’ of His New Album Wolflight. Complete Interview.

Steve Hackett is better known as the lead guitarist with Genesis.

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Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford.

Legends …


 Following his departure from Genesis after the album Wind and Wuthering was released, Steve Hackett has continued his musical prowess and education.

Adept in Classical, Blues and really – every style of music, Steve Hackett is a true writer, composer and player.


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Please listen below to Part One of my interview with Steve as he speaks of his new album Wolflight. Stay tuned for Part Two as the possibility of any Genesis reunion is discussed.

Steve ?



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The Who’s Masterpiece Tommy – In Montreal! Live !

Chances are – a music fan in the 1970’s was profoundly affected by The Who’s album Tommy.

It is simple. Nothing like this came before or after. It was and remains a ‘film’ within a soundtrack. A coffee table to a book in the mind.

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In the Wings Promotions brings Tommy to Montreal in a form which Pete Townsend can be proud. A musical which is truer than the film version which remains bizarre in so many ways

Please listen below as Noelle Hannibal discusses her musical Tommy which takes place on November 19th, 20th and 21st at Rialto Hall.


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Rick Keene Music Scene Presents – Music To Do the Sunday Crossword …

Get out of bed, rub your eyes, make some coffee and sit down.

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There is nothing like doing the Sunday Crossword puzzle on what is, foremost –  a day of rest. What could be better than coffee and a challenging Crossword Puzzle?

Coffee, Crossword and great tunes!

Please listen below to the best music you will ever hear on a Sunday.

Thanks for listening ! Talk soon …


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Rocky Dawuni Climbs Closer to Sainthood Through Music and Humanitarian Work.

It is not every day you encounter a Saint …


Rocky Dawuni is quickly approaching ‘saintdom’ as he continues adding humanity causes to his long list of good deeds. Whether conspiring with the likes of U2’s Bono via The United Nations or ensuring people around the globe ‘cook clean’, Rocky walks the talk of his musical messages.

Please listen below as Rocky explains his messages and his ambitious undertakings. Rocky will be in Montreal at Cafe Campus on the 18th of November.



Please Visit Rocky Here!


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Officer to Rocky – What’s Coming in Montreal and A Taste of Ted Tevan

Spring is in the Montreal air in November! Nothing could be better for a series of upcoming shows in and around Montreal.

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Fresh from a stop in his native land of Ghana – a musician who is part of the UN will stop by on Rick Keene Music Scene as well as in concert in Montreal. Just one of many great shows and interviews coming up!


Please listen below to what’s happening in Montreal in the coming weeks. Courtesy of Dundees in Ste Anne de Bellevue!


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Rocky Dawuni – Reggae for Mankind …

Rocky Dawuni has rubbed shoulders with a few ‘ stars’


Bono, Peter Gabriel and Stevie Wonder. 

A trio of musicians who apply their popularity for the good of humankind.

Now – Ghana native Rocky Dawuni can be added to that select group.

Please listen below and discover why …?


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