Rick Keene Music Scene; Montreal En Lumiere Features Madeleine Peyroux and Rickie Lee Jones Plus A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going on in Montreal !

As usual …

A lot going on in Montreal.



Montreal En Lumiere . Culinary delights, audio delights and family delights. Click here for all the information !

Green Day are hitting The Bell Center for a  show and Gordon Sumner will be at Metroplis. Who?


Please, have a listen below to hear what’s happening in Montreal and to listen to a great track from The Pat Travers Band, Noah Preminger and Rickie Lee Jones !

Thanks for listening ! Talk soon !


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Rick Keene Music Scene; Montreal En Lumiere ( and Some Very Cool Tunes )

As usual …

A lot going on in Montreal. Music-wise and … well, let’s not go there.


Montreal En Lumiere gets underway this week. Culinary delights, audio delights and family delights. Click here for all the information !

 Maroon 5 are hitting The Bell Center for a couple of shows ( hopefully not on the same evening the Montreal Canadiens are playing or else Pacioretty could have moves like Mick Jagger). Click here to visit Evenko !


Please, have a listen below to hear what’s happening in Montreal and to listen to a bevvy of tunes from around the world !

Thanks for listening ! Talk soon !


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Rick Keene Music Scene; What is Going On ?

As usual …

A lot going on in Montreal. Music-wise and … well, let’s not go there.


Montreal En Lumiere gets underway this week and Maroon 5 are hitting The Bell Center for a couple of shows ( hopefully not on the same evening the Montreal Canadiens are playing or else Pacioretty could have moves like Mick Jagger).

Please, have a listen below to hear what’s happening in Montreal and to listen to a bevvy of tunes from Montreal artists ! 

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Rick Keene Music Scene; A Tribute to Stuart McLean

Stuart McLean will be missed …


He will be missed by his family, his coworkers and his Vinyl Cafe family. Sorely and immensely.

He will also be missed by the world of the curious and the fans of human nature.

Seldom does a storyteller come around who can tug at the heartstrings without utilizing propaganda. Without using self promotional words to advance a career.

Although his stories did further his career, it appears that career came about as accidental as the plots and twists within his tales and characters. These ‘accidents’ were the cornerstones of human and Canadian behavior.

Stuart McLean, with his ‘aw shucks’ delivery and acute humor, invited everyone who listened into a world that became part of the nation’s family. Extended relatives who, as in real life, were infuriating, funny, odd and weird. Just like in real families, blood was thicker than the water in The Vinyl Cafe and that blood will flow forever.




Please listen below as Stuart’s distinctive Canadian words blend with  equally distinctive Canadian music.



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Rick Keene Music Scene; Sunny Tunes for Sunny Daze

We know ’em – we love ’em …


Classic Rock tunes have a special place in our hearts. Some conjure images of a first kiss, others – that first sip of beer.

Memories created with a special soundtrack to the soul. The foundation for a lifelong affair with music.


Regular folk ain’t the only ones who adore the tunes of yesteryear. Musicians of all genres listen and tune in to the beats of different drums. Marching and creating – rhythms all their own.

Have a listen below wont ya? Summer will be here soon.

Just relax and have a wee puff of ?



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Pat Loiselle – Talking the Stones and The West Island Blues Festival !

Pat Loiselle did his homework …

th (1)

Like most great musicians – Loiselle was schooled in the Blues. The cornerstone of popular music. The blueprints for everything with soul.

Please listen below to my chat with Pat about the Blues, his album, his appearance at

The West Island Blues Festival


The Rolling Stones !

Pat? What’s Up?



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Buy the Album Here !

New Angel Forrest feat. Steve Hill, The Record Breakers, Cat Empire, Stone Doctors Benefit and George ..

Interviews and tunes – a whole lot of both coming up on

Rick Keene Music Scene …


Please listen below to a preview of next week and hear some old and new tunes from old and young alike.


Thanks for listening ! Talk soon …







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A Review of Keith Richards’ Documentary ‘Under the Influence’

Most people have dual citizenships. Keith Richards has dual personalities.

In the documentary ‘ Under the Influence ‘ ( available on Netflix) – the lines are blurred with orgasmic pleasure for a true music fan.


The general population love Keith Richards. The masses also know very little about the man.

They know the myth. They have read the tales of decadent behavior and the seemingly endless nine lives which appear to pursue Richards on and off the stage. Everyone loves a survivor. Especially one who has written the songbook of Rock n Roll with a middle finger left off the fret and pointed straight at the powers that be.

Keith Richards at seventy – one years of age, can do no wrong. He has earned the right to captain the Black Pearl.

images (7)

‘Under the Influence’, the documentary which coincides with the release of Richards ‘ first solo album in over twenty years (Crosseyed Heart), is a showcase of Richards’ mindset in the studio as he lays down tracks with his ‘Xpensive’ mates.

Instead of this documentary being solely a marketing tool to help sell copies of an album made by a Grandfather who ( in Rock n Roll history) should be passed his prime, the film instead utilizes the celluloid moments to open the drapes and let the rays of American music display Richards’ crevasses on his worn face as valleys of knowledge. In short – ‘Under the Influence’ is a proper documentary.

In short – Keith Richards is a proper musician.


The Stones’ guitarist has forgotten more than most know. The Stones’ guitarist happily has not forgotten more than most know.

Director Morgan Neville takes that knowledge and places it elegantly into a history class. Not a Blues class. Not a Rock n Roll class. Not a Country music class. Not even a Great American Songbook class.

Neville and Richards deliver a top of the line University music class with the above ingredients both separate and blurred together. Just as elegantly as Richards himself.

The best thing? Lazy people need not apply …

Robert Johnson

In the 1960’s, the Beatles reinvented popular music. They too were influenced by the same men who laid the foundation for the Stones’ songbook. The Beatles remained white British boys while the Stones transformed into a bunch of Black kids playing the Blues to anyone who would scream. The Rolling Stones with Brian Jones , Mick Jagger and Keith Richards leading the way, introduced American Blues to America white folks.

In 2015, in glorious irony, at a time when the music business and an entire generation of musicians appear ‘lost for words’, along comes Keith Richards ‘under the influence’ once more.

images (3)

Satan, God or whoever runs the show – every once in a while sends Richards into the forest as a musical Robin Hood.  A rich man giving back to the poor.

In the eighties, when Rock n Roll and all it’s edgy guitars took backseat to synthesized drums machines and keyboards, it was Richards’ ‘Start Me Up’ riff that kept Chuck Berry sane. While Mick Jagger was experimenting with every sound heard by dogs and people as a solo artist, Richards angrily released the album ‘Talk is Cheap.’ A project that is held in highest esteem by any musician worth their weight in music.

Richards’ kept the Rock n Roll/ Blues and R and B barge afloat without a ‘Life’ jacket.

download (3)

Here is where the dual personality kicks in.

Richards’ has also kept Country music in people’s consciences. From ‘Country Honk’ off of Let It Bleed’, the entire Beggars Banquet album and into ‘Dead Flowers’ off of the Stones’ classic 1971 album Sticky Fingers and everything in between, Richards continues the tradition and love of Country on his new album Crosseyed Heart. Keith Richards along with Hank Williams, George Jones, Gram Parsons, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Wanda Jackson and thousands or millions more – have kept the world balanced within the structure of ‘Rock n Roll’.

No Country music equals no Blues or vice versa. No Blues / Country  means no ‘Roll’ in the Rock.

Richards likes his Roll … thank you very much.

images (18)

There is so much in Keith Richards songwriting than meets the bloodshot eye. ‘Under the Influence’ gives a glimmer of what makes one half of  The Glimmer Twins glimmer.

Hogey Carmichael and the Great American Songbook were a huge part of Richards’ post – war English environment. Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Solomon Burke and all the Soul and R and B men are the foundations of Richards’ indestructible frame. Mix them all together within a man with the backbone of a lion? The main ingredient of Richards’ and the Stones’ longevity. The ability to place a song ahead of the solos.


images (16)
‘Under the Influence’ is a thoughtful insight into an ageing man’s psyche. Musically and as a human being.

Many times during the film Richards’ is on the cusp of melancholy and wistfulness. Tears are welling up behind the shades as much as his influences are masked by the shades of Rock n Roll. The documentary – a rare peek into Keith Richards as a man who has conquered everything on his own terms and has no idea how he has ended up as one of the most – loved people on the planet. No idea how he has ended up still ‘ on the planet’ for that matter.

It is called integrity Mr. Richards. See you at The Crossroads ….

images (15)


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Ladies and Gentlemen – The Rolling Stones in Quebec

Keith Richards can no longer play guitar like the Richards of old.



Any Rolling Stones review post – coconut tree (shrub) incident must include this fact. Stones’ fans know it, newer fans and people seeing the band for the first time must be educated. A combination of arthritic fingers / memory loss and / or years of living dangerously have left Keef a ‘moonlight mile’ from his former self.

Why is this important information for a ‘Zip Code’ Tour that has generated rave reviews leading to the finale in Quebec City?

Believe it or not – The Stones were better when ‘the engine’ operated on all cylinders. Believe it or not – The Stones are currently better than bands half their age who are operating on all cylinders. The Stones are ‘ that good’ .

The 2015 touring Stones whose four members’ collective ages reach a high decibel of 282 years, put on quite the spectacle in Quebec City on Wednesday, July 15th on The Plains of Abraham as part of Le Festival d’ Ete . As part of history.

Setting an attendance record is one thing. Setting a record at their age – a tip of the ‘tongue’ for the boys who are commencing their 52nd year as a band ( Charlie Watts joined in 1963 and for the band, the official start of their career).

Several factors ( aside from the songs) make the Stones as popular as ever879bc02607d427cd8cc4740919adfd5d

Their legendary mystique continues to add more and more generations of fans with every tour. Everyone must see the Stones at least once and with Grandfathers, Fathers, Uncles and Older Siblings passing the message along, a Stones’ show is always going to be filled with excitement. A sense of anticipation that no band can generate like The Rolling Stones.

Here’s the funny part.

That sense of danger. That increasing heartbeat. That insatiable desire to be fed raw unadulterated Rock n Roll has been with the Stones for fifty years. It was there on their first tour of America in 1964 and has festered in every show since. When The Stones are coming to a city, the urban buzz precedes and predates the concert by weeks. An uncanny sense of rebelliousness sets in because ‘the Stones fought the law and the Stones won’ – why cant we? Every city and every citizen welcomes the ‘pirates’ of music with open abandonment and for a couple of sinister weeks, generations have carte blanche to live vicariously through the Stones and their ‘satanic’ mentality. Generations create an invisible mutiny against their bosses, spouses and government.

That sense of ‘kicking authority in the teeth’ – front and center in 95,000 music fans’ fantasies on Wednesday night.

From the opening Richards’ ‘Start Me Up’ riff, Jagger et al hooked the ‘virgin’ and seasoned punters. It’s one thing to tire of the tunes on disc but hearing it live makes it important once more. Hearing the ‘ancient art of weaving’ as Wood and Richards challenge one another within the structure of a song is unique and priceless. Weaving with open tuning is the Stones. Part Blues, part Country and all their own.

Charlie Watts’ Jazzy crisp snare and a nanosecond removed from Richards’ relentless rhythm is also the Stones. A sound once again unique and definitive of the Stones’ ragged musicianship.

Jagger’s unchallenged  talent of vocal mimicking. Blending Soul, Blues, Country, R and B and every style he has ever enjoyed into drawls and connotations which cannot be mimicked by anyone else.  The ultimate showman and the unchallenged front-man of Rock n Roll.

Together – an initiation into the Stones’ ‘club’. The entrance fee? Your soul …


Everything is never rosy in a Stones’ show. Organized chaos has forever been their motto and the band can never be accused of choosing perfect set-lists. Lately, one or two songs are altered on any given evening. For a Stones’ fan – boring. For a new (er) recruit? Blissful. A ‘Beggar’s Banquet ‘ of sounds supplicated live.

What ‘Start Me Up’ does to open things, the sophomore song ‘It’s Only Rock n Roll’ could easily stop the excitement in it’s guitar strings. Never a great song live as  the song only allows Richards’ weaknesses to shine through. A glorified Berry riff void of it’s studio cousin’s charm. A rhythmic warm-up for the band – nothing more.

Then – things get interesting …A pair of songs written in the basement of a former Nazi headquarters in the South of France. 

‘All Down the Line’ and ‘Tumblin’ Dice’ from the Stones’ most complete album; Exile on Main Street. The real Stones start to emerge within the rawness of the former and the groove of the latter. Disjointed sloppiness gives way to the classic pocket of a Stones comfort. A feeling which ‘once upon a time’ gave title to their ‘Greatest Rock n Roll Band in the World’ moniker. A title which in 2015 remains intact.

‘Street Fighting Man’ – the request song of the evening introduced in the past few tours via internet as a fan friendly ‘ keep up with the Jones’ gimmick, remains a no-frills Rock song. No ad- libs by Sir Mick. No flashy solos by the  ‘almost out of tune’ guitars. A relentless repetition of chords which increase intensity as the tune echos Jagger’s lyrics and Watts’ hard pounding metronome. The Stones have nothing to do but to play in a Rock n Roll band so why fight the simplicity of what any garage band does when their managers and record executives are looking away.

‘Wild Horses’, the only ballad of the evening, was shocking. With eyes closed, it was Mick in the 1960’s with Marianne Faithful on his arm.  His voice on the Plains of Abraham as fresh and crisp as a man half his age. The entire evening was proof of Jagger’s amazing vocals yet somehow, Wild Horses from the album Sticky Fingers was special. The song, on a cool Wednesday evening under the stars, was transformed to a turntable in front of 95,000 basement party guests. To steal a Pink Floyd title; the guests were ‘Comfortably Numb’ and the band became the evening’s dealers.

Throughout the Stones’ career, they have obtained legendary status based on their unmatched circus-like live shows. Over the years, a myth has spread that they have always been great musically on stage. To set the record straight, they can be the worse band one night and the best group the next. This is the legend of the Stones. The band that never acts or attempts to fit into preconceived ideology of how a band should act.

‘Bitch’ was the Stones at their worst on Wednesday night as the Sticky Fingers’ song defined sloppiness. Jagger’s vocals losing their way in choruses and the horn section while Wood and Richards fought to keep it all together. The tune sounded like a riff looking for a home on a Stones ‘ album but could not make the cut. A bootleg which demonstrated Richards’ 2015 weakness on the guitars and perhaps – proving former sax player ( deceased) Bobby Keys’ absence is profoundly missed by the band and his partner-in-crime Richards.


‘Honky Tonk Woman’ came next and in 2015 – the song is a conundrum. An audience ‘guilty pleasure’ and the ultimate party -with-chicken-wire-around-the-band song. Richards’ can still perform his trademark riffs and the opening of ‘Honky Tonk’ makes the hairs on anyone’s neck take notice of the ‘gin soaked bar room Queen’ about to take the stage. Sadly – in recent years, the song has become too generic. Too clean for Rock n Roll’s original punks and their decadent fan base. It starts as a journey into a crack-house but quickly becomes a corporate reality show.


Ladies and Gentlemn – the home run trot now begins ….

Commencing with the band introductions and a chance for fans to say thank you through applause, it is also the introduction of Keef’s opportunity to shine. The generic ‘two song’ showcasing of Rock’s most elegantly wasted human being.

‘Before They Make Me Run’ and ‘Happy’ took center stage on Wednesday evening amid cries of adulation, respect and pride. The prodigal son is alive and standing with cockroaches within earshot of Richards’ maniacal laugh.

Two songs which define Keef more than others. An insight into kicking his heroin habit and authority away. Happy’s ‘never kept a dollar past sunset’ and ‘ always took candies from strangers’ biographical lyrics frightening in their reality of a survivor’s ability to stand true. Riffs uniquely Keef-isms. Riffs as pleasant as they are unpleasant. Defining moments on display of the reason the Stones remain apart from every band. Once more – garage band stuff littered with oil (blood?) stained hands. Richards walking before he ran …


In Quebec, ‘Paint it Black’, ‘Get Off of My Cloud’, ‘Ruby Tuesday’, ‘ ‘Cant You Hear Me Knocking’, Love is Strong’, ‘Fool to Cry’, ‘Angie’, Emotional Rescue’ and ‘Star Star’ were not played. Nor were some of the greatest songs in the past five decades displayed. Not many bands can leave the very songs which defined the decades of their success on the sound-check floor. Unless …

Midnight RamblerMiss YouGimme ShelterJumpin’ Jack FlashSympathy for the DevilBrown SugarYou Can’t Always Get What You Want and (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction are part of the soundtrack of humanity for the past fifty years. In the words of Jagger; ‘people want to hear these songs live and we can’t displease our fans …’

If any song in the Stones’ arsenal proves undeniable they are the best of all time – it’s Midnight Rambler. No matter the decade, the stage or state of the band, Rambler combines everything into one epic story of the history of The Blues blending into modern day Rock. It allows a journey from Robert Johnson’s crossroads through Sonny Boy Williamson’s harmonica and into Muddy Waters’ Checkerboard Lounge.  It allows Richards to demonstrate no nonsense riffing and Jagger’s only ‘pure’ character to emerge from within his may personas. It allows an insight into why Mick and Keef met at the Dartford train station and to this day – remain on the same train. Rambler also unites the crowd into a mass of unsolicited focus. The demonic presence of the Stones and / or the demonic presence which watches over the Stones takes control. In every Stones concert since that fateful day in Altamont California, ‘Rambler’ means the Stones are getting serious.


‘Miss You’ – the band’s biggest commercial hit, makes  the most demur sisters dance. A non fan dragged to a Stones show against their will starts to groove. Jagger, the original ‘prince of darkness’ struts his feminine / masculine self across and into the crowd like the piper he is. The wettest of rats will survive Jagger’s emotional rescue as Mick sets the tone for how people will behave. Like a magician in satin sheets, Jagger controls if, when and how the orgasms will play out. Rambler and Miss You – Michael Phillip Jagger’s wands of magic and manipulation.


‘Gimme Shelter’ not only showcases Lisa Fisher’s vocal talents and enables her to get work outside of the Stones with ease, it is also a defining moment for many punters in attendance. No song within the Stones’ artillery belt ( Paint it Black a close second) represents the closeness of evil versus good. Richards’ opening ascending riff combined with Jagger’s warning of impending doom symbolic of every generation being ruled through fear. Consciously or unconsciously, the Stones created a timeless tune which hovers above any musical act with a sense of irony, realism and fear of the political monster that gives no shelter but promises safety. The Stones had an insight in the sixties and sadly society has not changed. The Stones had an insight in the sixties and gladly for the people in attendance, the Stones’ message has not changed.

The rest of a Stones show is gravy on top of a delicious piece of steak.

‘Flash’ and ‘Sympathy’ are covered in Brown Sugar. Each timeless ‘drink and shout’ party song belongs to someone in the crowd. Energetic songs with riffs unmatched. As pleasing to a seventy year old’s ears as to an eighteen year old. Sing-a-long choruses as simple as smoking a joint or sipping a hidden drink inside a tongue-adorned flask. It’s no genius behind the Stones’ most loved songs. It’s a relentless in-your-face sound which grabs the primal instincts and awakens the dormant demons. Masks are discarded and it’s a gas, gas, gas …



In Quebec, the Stones delivered a two hour and fifteen minute show which would have been longer if the good folks of Le Festival d’Ete could / would have lifted the curfew. The final pair of songs, the encores, left everyone content. All smiles as the 90,000 plus left the Plains of Abraham anything but plain …

‘Can’t Always Get What You Want’ (sung with Le Chœur des Jeunes de Laval) was  a pleasure. Once more Jagger conducting his orchestra, the crowd and a timeless message. Witnessing Jagger alone on the catwalk with a noir backdrop and sporadic glimmerings of light is historic. The Stones and Jagger somehow have managed to grab the pulse of every sick aspect of society, all the hopes and dreams which never change and capture the imagination of anyone and any age. Under the stars in Quebec, Jagger and the Stones ‘tried’ and the fans got what they needed including ‘ satisfaction …’


Satisfaction was sung in unison by 95,000 people to end the night. A remarkable thing. It was not sung for pleasure. It was not sung because the crowd could. It was sung with a forcefulness and conviction. It was a crowd, five generations of people and a Rock n Roll band agreeing on a simple fact of life. No matter how hard people try, satisfaction is never obtained.

Maybe one day – the Stones will be as satisfied as the 95,000 people who saw them for what may be the last time on such a grand stage.

Doubtful or the Stones would not have been in Quebec on Wednesday evening driving around the world tryin’ to meet some girl …




sceen card


Jarrett Lobley Project Click Here !
Jarrett Lobley Project
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Louis Janelle Says; ‘Dance Everybody’ !

Louis Janelle built his first drum kit and also his first guitar …


Janelle’s music on his new album ‘ Dance Everybody ‘ – as pure as snowflakes on Willie Dixon’s tongue. Every genre responsible for modern day music is represented by Louis and his band.

Please listen below as Louis explains everything about himself ( within reason) and his new album.



Visit Louis Here !

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Jarrett Lobley Project Click here!
Jarrett Lobley Project
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Gypsophilia – A ‘ Flower ‘ in The Montreal International Jazz festival

It all starts with a name …



Gypsophilia are an eclectic bunch from Nova Scotia. A group of women and men who – through music, travel around the globe making people smile. Not just through music, humor as well.

Please listen below as guitarist Ross Burns explains everything including their latest album; Night Swimming.



Please visit Gypsophilia Here !




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The Kentucky Headhunters – ‘ John Bonham Dying Killed Our First Shot at Success …

The Kentucky HeadHunters are living proof – Country Music and Blues make up Rock n’ Roll …

Johnnie Johnston
Johnnie Johnston

Starting in 1968 as The Itchy Brothers – the band came oh-so-close to stardom. An untimely death ultimately killed their chances of becoming ‘America’s Greatest Rock n Roll band’ yet, like Rock n Roll itself – they came back with a vengeance …

Please listen to Part One and Part Two of my interview with Richard Young. Richard talks about working with Chuck Berry’s pianist (and friend) Johnnie Johnston. The greatest sideman in the history of Rock n Roll.

Kentucky Headhunters Live
Kentucky Headhunters Live




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Philip Sayce – This is Your Father’s Rock n Roll!


Philip Sayce did not just get off the Rock n Roll truck …

A Mini-Van perhaps – but not a truck!

unnamed (2)

Fresh off a triumphant eight city tour of Canada that left fans and critics spellbound, rock guitar sensation Philip Sayce makes his major label debut on Tuesday, April 7 with the release of his album Influence.

Originally released in Europe in late August 2014 to critical acclaim, the Canadian version of Influence will include two new songs led by the first single, Philip’s incendiary version of the Ten Years After classic “I’d Love To Change The World.”

The video for “I’d Love To Change The World” is now live on Philip’s YouTube channel.

unnamed (3)

Born in Wales and raised in Toronto, Canada, Philip Sayce’s love of the guitar started at an early age when his parents introduced him to all of the classics, notably, Clapton, Hendrix, and Beck. He started playing guitar as a teen and before long was winning admirers at blues jam nights at Grossman’s Tavern in downtown Toronto.

One such admirer was legendary guitarist Jeff Healey who invited Philip to join his band with whom he toured the world for the next couple of years. After a move to Los Angeles, producer John Shanks introduced Philip to Melissa Etheridge who recruited him for her band. Over the next several years Philip performed on Melissa Etheridge’s albums and was featured during her live sets on world tours.

Please listen below  to my conversation with Philip.


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James Green; Never a Bridesmaid – Always a Blushing Bride .​.​.

The Blushing Brides.

North America’s version of

‘The Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band in the World.’

Thirty-six years together as ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Cover Band’.


Lead guitarist James Green has been there from almost the beginning. He has been there since the band became one of the most sought after tribute bands in North America!

James Green has seen it all …

Please listen to James explain many things including the Brides’ original 1982 song; ‘What You Talkin’ Bout ..’



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The Alec Mcelcheran Trio – Bluesy Rock n Roll At It’s Best! Part Two

When it comes to adding Blues and Rock together – there are very few bands who have pulled it off and lasted …

The Rolling Stones are the true survivors. Always keeping to their Blues roots while staying trendy over the years.

The Alec Mcelcheran Trio capture the Blues in the true vain of The Stones while adding other elements to keep it fresh.

Just like the Stones …



Please listen below to Part Two of my interview with Alec. One of the most interesting conversations about music this side of Muddy Waters.






unnamed (6)


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Buy Tickets Here!

The Alec Mcelcheran Trio – Bluesy Rock n Roll At It’s Best!

When it comes to adding Blues and Rock together – there are very few bands who have pulled it off and lasted …

The Rolling Stones are the true survivors. Always keeping to their Blues roots while staying trendy over the years.

The Alec Mcelcheran Trio capture the Blues in the true vain of The Stones while adding other elements to keep it fresh.

Just like the Stones …



Please listen below in Part One of my interview with Alec. One of the most interesting conversations about music this side of Muddy Waters.




stone docfinal


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Ask Dave the Bartender; Episode Five

He’s the guy who drowns your sorrows …



The man who can answer almost any genre of question related to music.

Can you stump Dave the  Bartender? 

Send your questions to rickkeene2@gmail.com and find out if you can!





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Is Classic Rock Killing The Trews in Quebec?

The band from Nova Scotia done good …

Opening up for Aerosmith, The Stones, Kiss and Gun n Roses – not a bad thing to put on your resume.  You would think, airplay on Rock stations would come easy after such monumental shows in a ten year span.

Think again …

Listen why the band has trouble in certain markets and how one decision can change everything …

John – Angus MacDonald – the guitar player explains …



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Rick Keene Speaks to Eric Burdon …

As Barney from the hit show ‘How I met Your Mother’ once said;

Legend … wait for it … ary!


Eric Burdon possesses one of the true voices  in not only Rock n Roll history – music history as well. A man who believed in himself, his convictions and passed those messages on through unmatched live and studio appearances.

Ranked 57 on Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 100 Vocalists of all time – Burdon is a survivor. A student of the Rhythm and Blues which, until the British Invasion – lay dormant in the very country which gave birth to it.


Commencing with his band The Animals, Eric passed ‘The Black Music’  through songs such as ‘The House of The Rising Sun’, ‘Sky Pilot’, ‘Monterey‘ and ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ . He then edged into a more funkier sound with War starting in 1969 and into the early seventies.

‘Spill the Wine’, ‘Tobacco Road‘ and ‘You Can’t Take Away our Music‘ were direct results of a ‘Vietnam -led’ changing of the innocent times. Burdon remained cutting age in lyrics, vocal style and conviction.


Please listen as Eric Burdon covers a range of topics in a fascinating conversaton …

Mr. Burdon … ?


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Ask Dave the Bartender …

Google is not enough …


For answers to be answered properly – it is important to seek the truth. Climb the highest mountains, swim the deepest seas and reach the keeper of knowledge …

Dave the Bartender …


Questions for Dave the Bartender? Send to rickkeene2@gmail.com

( Drinkers, Wait Staff, Busboys and Passerby’s were not injured during the filming of Dave the Bartender)

jann copy



Leeward Fate - No Ordinary Kind iTunes cover



The Stone Doctors Fight Autism; Part One

The Stone Doctors – led by Ian Dickey, take one charity at a time …

This Rolling Stones cover band never play unless it is for a cause. Made up of doctors, lawyers and other professionals – the band use their love of the Stones to earn money for causes such as Chords for Cure. A benefit in the States which raises money for Cancer research.

This time out, The Stone Doctors have decided to lend their instruments to help WIAIH. A non-profit organization on the West island which helps families of intellectually challenged people get the support they require.

In part one – Dr. Dickey talks Stones and touches on his knowledge of autism. Part two has Ian discussing autism in more detail as well as Francine Boyer discussing, as a parent – the problems which stem from raising a child with autism.

April 5th at The Mayfair Tavern in Pte. Claire is the place to be. Please share this and come by on the 5th to help a good cause and dance the night away with the music of The Rolling Stones!

Please visit WIAIH here!

The Hi – Fins; Everyone’s Cup of Tea

A record collection contains many gems.

The Dave Clarke Five, the Kinks, the Monkees, the Who, the Stones and the Beatles. Six groups which make up a good contigent of the British Invasion. Now – if it were possible to sit and listen to all these bands plus a few more in one night – LIVE, would a music fan sit at home? Of course not  …

Montreal group the Hi-Fins, provides exactly that. A taste of the British Invasion right in the neighborhood. An evening without the kids or the headaches of daily life. Paul McCrowe, the bass player, explains how the band achieved it’s name;

“Spy ( the guitarist ) and I have known each other since we were twelve. Spy was heavily into crosswords and we were trying to come up with a name. So there was a word that he came across “hyphen”. We both liked the word and came up with “Hi-Fins”, which – if you read between the lines, the symbol hyphen is there plus Hi-Fi.” He continues.” Hi -Fi is 60’s technology for  noise solution. All in all the name is a play on words. We thought we would be clever enough for someone to maybe figure it out when they see it! Some have …!” He laughs.

One thing which is simple to figure out is the band is blessed to have Mitchell Field on board as the drummer. Field grew up in England and was one of the fortunate few to have watched the Beatles play at the Marquee Club in London. Long before the band gained cult status.

“I was nine.” Says the fifty- seven year old Mitchell. ” I saw them all back then. The Kinks, the Who – it was a lesson which made me passionate about music and right then I decided to be a lifetime musician.” Mitchell left school and started to live his dream and played drums for Johnny Lee Hooker at one time. He then went on to play  with a band called Hellfield in the late seventies in Toronto. That band obtained moderate  success and opened up for bands such as Foreigner, the Cars and Kim Mitchell.

“Ya – we are very fortunate to have Mitchell in the band.” Says Paul. ” It is a funny story of how he joined.” He laughs. ” We put an ad on Craigslist and he answered it. When he came for the audition, he said ‘ Okay boys – show me what you got …!’ Spy and I looked at each other for a second and said ‘um…why don’t you show us what you got! We are auditioning you …!”

From the get -go, these three guys hit it off and following the second song in ‘the audition’ – a certain chemistry existed. They did not have to work too hard at achieving their very own ‘wall of sound’. ” People come up to us all the time and ask whether we have taped music playing in the background.” Says Spy. ” Or – they ask if we have a guitarist hidden somewhere. The sound is all in the way Paul plays bass. It becomes like a second guitar and the band’s sound is fuller.”

That must be the case. In a recent show at Le Pionnier, the room was packed with all ages. The kids in their early adulthood seemed to really dig the music that their parents grew up on. They were boppin’ and dancing all night long. Right along with their parents to ‘A Hard Day’s Night ,’ Satisfaction’, ‘You Really Got Me’ and ‘My Generation’.

A concert with the Hi – Fins contains many gems…

Listen to the Hi -Fins here

Please stay tuned for a more in-depth interview with Mitchell Field and the boys ….

Crossfire Hurricane ; A Review of the Rolling Stones Documentary

Are the Rolling Stones a bunch of guys who live in your blood? Or – are they a bunch of hooligans that penned many great songs yet would never attend brunch at your parents’ place …?

The response to the above; extremely important to an insight of the documentary – Crossfire Hurricane.

A diehard fan knows the stories. A passing fan will be surprised by the history of the band. A music fan will be impressed and suddenly hold the Stones in a higher realm. Young Stones’, passing or music fanatics will be astounded by the route the ‘ bad boys’ of rock n’roll chose to arrive on top of the heap. It was not easy for Mick and the boys yet boy did they have fun …

A history lesson evolves before the eyes.

Life today, so carefree … Void of many of the taboos which dominated society ( especially in England ) in the sixties. The Rolling Stones were defiant. The Rolling Stones were ugly. The Rolling Stones were defiantly ugly yet beautiful in the eyes of a teenage demographic chortled by the bourgeoise ways of the English establishment. Any establishment – for that matter …

Music fans raised on Eminem, Hip Hop, Rap or any artist who is or was considered a ‘hellraiser’ or ‘ anti – establishment’ , should watch and learn from the masters. The Stones opened the fridge doors for everyone who followed to steal a beer and toast the police. Fifty years later, any member of the Stones makes every cool person in music pale in comparison.

And you thought Gun n’ Roses were bad …?

Crossfire Hurricane delivers the message which the Stones’ first manager concoted in a very brilliant way. It leaves the audience with a taste of the coreness of evil which appeared to exude from Mick, Keith, Charlie, Brian, Bill, Mick Taylor and Ronnie Wood. Andrew Loog Oldham never bothered to demonstrate the other sides of the Stones. The relationships, the songwriting – all the normalcy included in every person’s DNA. Oldham created myths, the Stones became the myths and continued to rape and pillage for the following forty -five years.

The film offers more of the same. Why not? It works …..

Early concert footage demonstates the boys as a bunch of kids who wanted to play music and were thrust into an era ripe to gather no moss. Thanks to Oldham, they were anti – Beatles, anti – government and anti – everything. The film drives this message ‘ right down your throat’. Intermittenly dotting the tale with the Stones’ dominant and signature ( if not evil ) songs.

Therein lies the problem.

Much of the band’s musical legacy is left on the shelves in the way classic rock radio operates. A non- fan , because of this – assumes the Stones’ makeup consists of the same amount of hits as Aerosmith or Bon Jovi. The film excluding all the acoustic gems from Beggars Banquet, the back-to-blues basics of Sticky Fingers and the Eden -esque blend of both on Let it Bleed. The grittiest repetoire ever on Exile on Main Street? Hidden by the excesses which created the songbook second only to the Beatles.

At the quarter century mark of the band’s existence, a film was released with the title 25×5; The Complete History of the Rolling Stones. In many ways, that film contained a more profound look into the pyches of the group. Crossfire Hurricane, amid the fanfare of a half century celebration,sh ows never before seen footage with a running commentary by the Stones. Some words new – many old. It is a moving picture cousin to the coffee table book released in October.

There exists no modern day images of the men who are now in their late sixties and early seventies. There is no footage of the band post -1981 save for their appearance in Scorceses’ documentary / concert film in 2006. The film ends as the Peter Pan of rock gyrates to the song ‘All Down the Line‘ from Exile on Main Street.The wrinkled survivor Richards on one side – the ‘new’ Stone, Ronnie Wood, on the other…

Behind everyone beats the heart of the Rolling Stones. A man whose drumming ways – provide the most insightful quote of the film. Former and original bassist Bill Wyman explaining how drummer Watts follows Richards and not the other way around like most bands. This according to Wyman, places Watts and the other member of the battery – nano seconds behind. ‘A dangerous place to be’ says William Perks aka Wyman. ‘At any minute, the whole thing can fall apart’.

Much like the Jagger – Richards relationship, Keith ‘s body, Wood’s sobriety and the Stones themselves.

After fifty years, maybe everyone should listen to Charlie. Including the great grandchildren serving brunch …


Stones leave Meetings; A Tour come Fall !





According to Mick Jagger – the Stones will be rolling once again in Autumn of this year. The Stones‘ iconic frontman told of the band’s plans leaving a meeting this past Friday. More info to follow.

The news goes along with the release of a 50th Anniversary book, documentary, film based on the making of Exile on Main Street and a photo exhibition which opened last Friday.

Photos courtesy of a source who requests anonymity …


I Think I Busted a Button on my Trousers …I Hope they Don’t Fall Down; Part Four

The police in New York city … chased a boy right through the park, In a case of mistaken identity – they put a bullet through his heart …’


Mick Jagger has a way with words.

An often overlooked phenomenon of the StoNES and their frontman. A poet? No. A song lyricist! Not really … Jagger from the early age of nineteen- a ‘philosopher’ stone. A wizard of the one sentence words.

‘ He can’t be a man ‘ cause he doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me’, ‘ War, children, is just a shot away’, ‘ Does your mother know you scratch like that?’

PHRASES which summed up the man on the street and Michael Phillip Jagger, regardless of his ‘wealth and taste’ – forever walking in the shoes of everyman.


‘Riding across the desert’ to come to your ’emotional rescue.’

No matter the times or era – the son of a physical education teacher, the top – ten graduate from the London School of Economics; an ear to the fads and styles of the new generation.

Each new Stones’ album included songs which kept them cool. Each new Stones album included true Stones’ songs. Each generation discovering tunes to suit their needs while discovering the Stones’ needs; the blues.


The band staying true to their roots while keeping it fresh. Miss You with a disco beat run parallel to blues riffs and bluesy harmonica. A lost leader in the band’s ‘ ‘pharmaceutical supply’ of gold albums hovering on every album.


‘ Walkin’ Central Park – Singin’ after dark ..people think I’m crazy …’

I Think I Busted a Button on my Trousers … I hope they don’t fall down; Part Three

Meredith Hunter – the kid who was stabbed to death at the Stones’ Altamont concert, the pied pipes from Morocco, the numerous drug busts, the backlash from woman’s groups, Elmore James, Howlin ‘ Wolf, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Tina Turner, Maggie Trudeau and even Roy Rogers – all took the stage with the Stones in one form or another …


It was the very first stadium tour. It was the very first corporate – sponsored tour. The Stones about to rake in the money after being raked over the coals by then managerAllan Klein in the late sixties to early seventies. The band not about to end up on the short end of the paintbrush at Decca studios.

Aerosmith, Z.Z Top, Van Halen, Journey, Foreigner, Thorogood, Prince and many of the biggest names in rock – opening for the last of the British Invasion bands operating in full. Balloons, multi – nation capes and Jagger on center stage in football attire . The ultimate frontman – preaching to his disciples by the thousands.


The tours now legendary.

1972 and 1975. Sex and sex and sex and sex- left the majority of the U.S in tatters. Go ahead, find the Big Apple – don’ t mind the Stones …

Stevie Wonder, the entree to a Stones’ dinner complete with side orders of Billy Preston and Ollie Brown on the 72 tour. Funky rock n roll providing Mick with a dancefloor painted with the roots of Africa. If the Stones couldn’t rock you – nobody could. If the Stones couldn’t rock you – you did not deserve to rock.


If a band toured it was a tour. If the Stones toured – it was an event. A three- ringed circus complete with elephants, rooftop television tosses and planes equipped with giant tongues. A Rolling Stones‘ Rock n Roll circus with Jagger as the demonic ringmaster. ‘Raise a glass to the salt of the earth …’

In the words of Richards’; ” I don’t have a problem with drugs – I have a problem with police …”

In front of a backdrop of pastel drawn cars, guitars and magnificent colors – 81′ re – introduced Richards and company to a new generation.

Old Standby’s ‘Under my Thumb, Lets Spend the Night Together and ‘Ruby Tuesday’ providing insight to ‘ Black Limousine‘, ‘Little T and A’ and ‘Neighbors’. Time was on the Stones’ side – time waited for the Stones. A ‘fortune teller’ not required to foresee a future for these men performing ‘2000 light years’ from their roots.

‘It’ s just that demon life that’s got you in its SWAY …’


I Think I Busted a Button on my Trousers … Hope they don’ t fall down; Part Two

It was all about the music.


Women and even drugs tossed aside if it interfered with the tunes. Their founder; Brian Jones, cast from the love of his life as drugs and erratic playing interrupted the Stones’ legacy. A premature death in life – a fitting death for a rock n roll figure.

Hunt, Faithful, Bianca and Pallenberg. Add Jones’ many conauests. The damsels in constant distress. The women who some bore offspring, the women who could never be Yoko Onos …


Mick Taylor ended the sixties giving the Stones a lead guitar until the lifestyle, their lifestyle, would no longer suit the graduate of the blues . A legacy imprinted into the discs of some of the greatest tunes to bring in the band’ s second decade. Love, was not in vain.

Enter Richards’ twin. Ronnie Wood. A five string sparring partner. Someone to practice the fine art of weaving . Who better to return the Stones to their roots – who better to keep the peace between Jagger and Richards. Who better to keep the band rolling into a new decade of a changing music world.


Satisfaction – one of ( if not the biggest ) anthems of the sixties. Miss You – one of the biggest ( anthems ) songs of the seventies. How does a band, almost twenty years into a career carry on and top that? With the exception of old blues men and solo artists – the band was entering uncharted music waters.


Start me Up.

The biggest song of the eighties. A tune which made even the famous tongue logo – wag with envy … Three decades, three hugely succesful anthems which set the band up for a forray into corporate America.


Tumbin ‘Dice , Happy, Beast of Burden. Play with Fire, Get off of my cloud, Waiting on a friend – an arsenal small in the Stones’ catalogue, huge for every band with the exception of the Beatles.

Richards ‘ pulled through a ten year heroin addiction. A blind Angel from Quebec – hitching a ride to Toronto. Pleading with a judge to not place the rock n roll convict behind bars for heroin trafficking. A blind Angel the guitarist claims saved his life. A blind Angel who has been flown to a show on every tour since …


Muddy Waters, discovered painting the ceiling at Chess studios to earn some money. The band’s hero. A man partly responsible for their very existence – forced to manual labor because of greedy record executives. The revenue from the group’ s next show, placed into the pocket of the original Rollin ‘ Stone.

Elvis, the Beatles, the love generation, glam rock, Disco and Punk Rock. Dead. Zeppelin, Gram Parsons, Morrison, Joplin and Hendrix. Dead.

The Stones rolled on …

The eighties and the largest grossing tour Rock n Roll would witness to that point – a glint in the Glimmer Twins’ eyes. A tour which was about to commence …