Stuart McLean will be missed …


He will be missed by his family, his coworkers and his Vinyl Cafe family. Sorely and immensely.

He will also be missed by the world of the curious and the fans of human nature.

Seldom does a storyteller come around who can tug at the heartstrings without utilizing propaganda. Without using self promotional words to advance a career.

Although his stories did further his career, it appears that career came about as accidental as the plots and twists within his tales and characters. These ‘accidents’ were the cornerstones of human and Canadian behavior.

Stuart McLean, with his ‘aw shucks’ delivery and acute humor, invited everyone who listened into a world that became part of the nation’s family. Extended relatives who, as in real life, were infuriating, funny, odd and weird. Just like in real families, blood was thicker than the water in The Vinyl Cafe and that blood will flow forever.




Please listen below as Stuart’s distinctive Canadian words blend with  equally distinctive Canadian music.



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