Top Ten Reasons for Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong’s Meltdown

A music fan or someone who spends hours in front of YouTube or American television feeds is well aware by now …

Billy Joe Armstrong- the lead singer for the succesfuI band Green Day, turned into an ‘American idiot’ recently. He lost his composure on stage and in turn – deposited his rockin’ fanny into rehab.

In the words of the late, great Amy Winehouse … “ ..!”

In any event, Rick Keene’s Music Scene was not fooled. A little investigative reporting uncovered the truth behind the singer’s rants …

Here are the top ten reasons Billy Joe lost his mind …

10. You try singing with bed bugs crawling in your pants!

9. Off to the left of the stage, Armstrong’s wife was holding a golf club and pointing to his cell phone. Rehab, a wise option …

8. ‘Just channeling the spirit of Sid Vicious …. gotta problem with that?’

7. A guy in the third row kept screaming ; “I love you Cher …!”

6. It ain’t easy being green! And blue and orange and purple and …

5. ‘For God sakes man …! Romney is running for president!’

4. ‘Sound check, backstage interviews, the show, hotels, planes, sit down and do kids’ homework and the next day do it all over again? Have you tried to do grade three calculus …?’

3. ‘Pete Townsend smashed guitars all the time! Nobody is on his case …?’

2. The leather pants of today provide more chaffing than their nineties predecessors …

And the number one reason for Billy Joe’s meltdown?

1. ‘Why should Bieber get all the hot young babes …?!’


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