Grace Potter and The Nocturnals; Stay Awake for This Show!

Grace Potter visited Daryl Hall‘s place and was very nocturnal about it …


You see – Mr. Hall, of Hall and Oates fame, conducts an on-line broadcast from his home. Potter, joining the likes of other guests from previous episodes such as  Joe Walsh (Life’s Been Good) and Cee -Lo Green ( F*ck You) to sing along with Hall and his band-mates. It is easy to  see from this footage – why Grace Potter and The Nocturnals are enjoying so much success.

Potter is a ray of sunshine.

She glows like a radiant flower upon a greyish stone. Oh – she can sing also. Boy can she sing! Her band? A powerhouse of Blues and Rock. A powerhouse of soul …7645873030_d8f3c9bb5b_m

For a band, now in their 13th year, the past decade has been filled with hard work. In the early stages, two hundred plus shows a year was the norm rather than the absurd. Recently, a fourth album has been released titled; The Lion the Beast the Beat.  The group collaborated with The Black Keys member Dan Auerbach in such songs as  “Stars”, “The Divide”, “Parachute Heart” and  “Never Go Back”.  This disc follows their highly successful third album – Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. An album which catapulted the group into a stratosphere which  contained several dates opening for The Dave Mathews Band among other accomplishments.

Yet the band has not forgotten their roots.

In June, 2010, coinciding with the release of album three, the band  performed a free concert in Vermont and stuck around for three hours afterwards meeting and mingling with their fans. A high five is necessary. In this day and age where money appears to dictate everything – the band’s gesture, a welcome relief to music lovers everywhere.


Potter herself, a woman whose vocal style has been likened to Janis Joplin, appears to not stand still. Among her many collaborations is the recent rendez-vous with Kenny Chelsea on the track; You and Tequila. A song which reached the third position on the country charts in the U.S.

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals bring their loveable nature along with numerous hits to the Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre on Feb. 7th in Montreal. An Evenko production.

For everyone who attends the show – nocturnal is the word. It will be a long and pleasant evening …

Tune in at 5:15pm on Friday Feb.1 on k103.7fm for a chance to win two tickets.

Tickets –

Facebook –

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