Sounds That Can’t be Made; A Marillion Masterpiece?

Style: Progressive Rock/Neoprogressive rock
Release Date:
September 17, 2012
 Ear Music


Marillion is a classic progressive rock band from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England. The band is Steve Rothery (guitar), Pete Trewavas (bass), Ian F. Mosley (drums), Mark Kelly (keyboards) and Steve Hogarth (vocals).   Sounds That Can’t Be Made is the bands 17th studio album.   If you’ve never heard of Marillion, they have over 14million albums sold to date, it’s time for you to take a listen.

Sounds That Can’t Be Made is a very lengthy album, the opening track is 17 minutes long. I’m talking about the modern classic “Gaza”. The band takes a risk here as “Gaza” addresses the conflict between Israel and the Palestine. Not many bands are brave enough to step into this kind kind of territory. “We all want peace and freedom that’s for sure/But peace won’t come from standing on our neck/Everyone deserves a chance to feel the future just might be bright,” Steve Hogarth sings with sadness.”With the love of  our family/We can rise above anything/Some day surely someone must help us”. Musically, the song is a roller coaster of emotions which can seem controversial at times. Overall “Gaza” is an effectively brilliant masterpiece.


Montreal” is a magical tune it feels like a gift to the Quebecois.  ”We were welcome through arrivals without the usual transatlantic fuss/And greeted by the fans who led us to the chilly street onto the bus”. Without a doubt, Marillion will be playing this song when they play Montreal March 22-24 at Théâtre L’Olympia.  Keyboardist Mark Kelly is the star on this song.   “Montreal” is the song that resonates most with me on this challenging album.

“Power” is a diamond in the rough, it’s a song that didn’t hit me on the first listen. However, it grew on me after listening to the album in it’s entirety. It is a mid-paced song and packs a ton of emotion.

“Lucky Man” is worth a mention (I thought this was an Emerson, Lake & Palmer cover) it has the best intro. It sounds promising with the powerful intro yet the song trails off later on.

I’d totally recommend fans to buy the deluxe edition. It includes a ‘making-of’ DVD, plus a 128-page book lyrics/artwork. Prog listeners have been welcoming to the band in recent years as their fan base continues to grow.   Marillion are very DIY these days and normally spend effort connecting with fans personally at shows.  Any prog fan should make it their obligation to delve into this work.

With Sounds That Can’t Be Made Marillion has stepped into another realm of musical possibilities that delivers on it’s promises.

Recommended Song: There are many songs I could choose, but I’ll go with “Power” if you want to relax.

The good – It has a tremendous amount of melody and impressionable lyrics. This album is very much a masterpiece.

The bad – The album is not radio accessible. I  don’t see it getting into the charts.

The ugly – The band took a big risk,  ”Gaza” addresses the conflict between Israel and the Palestine.  Sadly, Marillion lost many Palestinian and Israeli fans as seen in the comments on the video above.

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Review: By Giancarlo Cortez – courtesy of The Scene Magazine

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