Top Ten Signs Your Baby will Become a Rock Star!

Spawn a kid did ya …?

Want he or she to grow up and become a lawyer, doctor or astronaut? Doesn’t everyone?

Sometimes, life does not end up as planned. Children end up doing things that do not necessarily appease the parents ( just ask Mr. and Mrs. Dahlmer )

Kids lead their own destiny. They follow their own path. They eat  yellow snow …

By far, the fate worse than death for many parents – is their offspring becoming members of bands with names such as  Offspring  or Twisted Sister. Enough to make even the most rational Father run to a therapist ( see Phil, Dr.) for help.

Can this infliction be treated? Is there a way to exorcise these demons before the child starts tossing cereal around the kitchen? Can this be nipped in the bud before Mom starts ‘nipping’ in the Budweiser?

Afraid not.

Here now, are the Top Ten Signs Your Baby Will Become  a Rock Star ...

10. The leather material from the couch is missing and mysteriously appears as a diaper.

9. Baby’s first words; ” Hey Motherf*cker! I said no brown M and M’s!

8. Refers to car rides as ‘tours’!

7. His favorite lullaby? Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

6. Every-time Dad gets home from work, baby says; ‘Did you get the stuff man …?’

5. Aw … his first wall scribbles …  ‘666’

4. The names of the goldfish are;  ‘Mick’ and ‘Keith’!

3. Every Friday night at nine o’clock, Baby gets ‘the munchies’ …

2. Refers to the dog as ‘Bonzo’ and the cat as ‘Ringo’ !

and the number one sign your baby will become a rock star?

1. Head spins every time a Justin Bieber song plays on the radio !


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